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  • I feel strongly that having Quick Launch is even more valuable & appreciated w/ Windows8 than ever before.

    Let me explain w/ or via the following example...

    One could make it so the old start menu had Favorites on it... nice cus you could go to a site you wanted w/ opening a browser 1st.  Oh, oh, but, now what?... there's no start menu to which to Add Favorites.  "Oh bother", said Pooh.

    Well, one could Pin Favorites to Start.  But, we don't live @ Start, we live @ Desktop.  So why would we want to go to Start for Favorites if, it is not necessary??

    And, since, we don't want 'cluttered' Desktops & don't want a million (infrequently used) things Pinned to Taskbar... Quick Launch IS THE answer!

    Anything you want right @ your fingertips, neat & tidy.  Spread QL's items/content out or scrunch it up & have a list, either way, it's a huge, convenient help!

    Put stuff where you live & work which, is Desktop not, Start.  QL gives immediate access in a very 'clean' manner.

    I trust I have explained this such that its usefulness will become obvious & appealing.

    I'm including 2 shots, 1 spread out & 1 scrunched up...
    Explaining QL-capture.png
    Explaining QL-screenshot.png

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    Friday, March 16, 2012 8:43 AM

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  • I see that as a work-around, because there is nothing you've done that makes the Start Menu "out of the way", too far too travel, or no longer applicable.

    What do you do when you need easy access to another app?  You search for it via the keyboard, then pin it to the limited space of the QL bar.

    Me?  I whip over to the start menu essentially with my eyes closed (since it WAS the only thing at the far bottom left), open it and find it in the tree very easily and fluidly, and either launch it, or if I expect to use it a lot, I'll pin it.

    I'm not saying keyboard is wrong for you, likewise, I would hope you aren't trying to say the mouse it wrong for me.  They just "are" what they are.

    And the reason you consider QL a huge help (it can't be an improvement, it pre-existed) is because it fills a void.  You aren't using the words, in fact you are avoiding using them, but in order for the QL to offer you a clear-cut advantage is there is something about finding apps that is slow and cumbersome given the current UI.

    Now I'm certain you'll find a way to argue that isn't the case, but what people DON"T write is often as important as what they do.  You like easy access to frequently used apps, and its now important more than ever.  Exactly!  Welcome to team "Start Menu"!  Its more important now than ever, because a core level of functionality has been removed, and you had to find another way to mitigate the loss.

    To re-phrase, quick lauch was introduced to provide an even speedier adjunct to opening the start menu and navigating the tree.  It was a solid improvement, and well recieved by all.  But prior to Win8 and the "any change is progress" crowd, I'm willing to bet there were very few (if any) chairs occupied by people saying "finally, now we can get rid of that little "orb" thingie". 

    So now we have an improvement left as an orphan to what it was intended to improve.  Sadly, the means of actually populating said improvement now requires knowing an application name in order to get to it.  Please don't discount that out of hand, there are plenty of app and applets out there that have no obvious name to host app correlation, there are many ancillary apps in the Autodesk packages who's filenames have nothing at all to do with Autocad, Inventor, 3dsMax, but you sure need to use them.  Which bings up the final point:

    Space.  The QL area is limited.  If I were working in Acad/Inventor/3dsMax/Revit/MEP and wanted access to all the tools that go along with them, the QL area would be full.  No room for anything else, so I'd have to unpin my old "gotta haves" to put in the Acad stuff, then unpin all that when I want to go back to normal.

    Meanwhile, if I had a start menu, I can drill down and find anything I want in seconds or less.

    You get QL is more important than ever.  Killing the start menu made that certain.


    Friday, March 16, 2012 11:26 AM
  • Except, I (always) gratefully used QL even, when the was a start menu.  It simply supplements or adds to the many, easy ways there are to do, find or navigate to things in Windows8 including Start... be that via Win key or moussing to the Start icon... start menu is not missed nor was QL compensating for the lack of it.  Plus it was merely a matter of being helpful to ppl cus many do not know Quick Launch can be put in Windows8 (or 7, for that matter) & many ppl like having it.

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    Friday, March 16, 2012 5:24 PM
  • LOL.

    You simply can't bring yourself to admit the obvious.

    I'm OK with that, a positive outlook always helps swallow the bitter pill.


    Saturday, March 17, 2012 3:10 PM