Windows 7 hangs after skype start


  • Hi, all!

    I have an windows 7 ultimate and skype installed. for some time skype worked correctly. but suddenly after som time after its start system hangs. I have ps/2 keyboard, but i cant even dump system after hang using ctrl+scroll lock feature. in normal mode system dumps normally. at least i noticed, that i have null device is marked as failed with error "file not found". null.sys is in place. sc start nul says "file not found". When i deleted driver sc delete null skype behaviour has changed. seems like hangs not so often. What can i do with null device to recover it? 

    Sorry for bad english. Please, correct me if something wrong :)


    In the registry i cant find  a string, that contains a path to binary of legacy driver. how system knows which binary to use with specific legacy driver?

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010 9:21 AM


  • Hi Andrew,


    Which version of Skype you are using? According to Windows 7 Compatibility Center, Skype version 4 is compatible with Windows 7. If you are using an earlier version of Skype, please replace it with the latest version.


    However, if the issue persists after using the latest version of Skype, please access Clean Boot to check the issue. If the issue disappears in the Clean Boot environment, we continue to narrow down which entry is causing the issue.


    Also, you can use Process Explorer to check which process is taking the most usage of CPU:


    1.     Please download the Process Explorer at Process Explorer v11.33

    2.     Extract the zip file and double click the procexp.exe file.

    3.     Open Skype to reproduce this issue, and then check which process or thread is causing this issue.


    Hope this helps.





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