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  • I've got Windows 7 beta 7000 installed on my laptop (Acer5520G 402G16Mi, 15.4'' screen, AMD Turion 64 x2 1.9 ГГц, 2 Gb RAM DDR2, nVidia GeForce 8400M G 128Mb DDR3). There's a multiboot with Vista Home Premium Pre-SP2 (rev.113), but I suppose that doesn't matter. 
    When I try to install any kind of update for Windows or its components (e.g., KBxxxxxx, Windows Defender base, Windows Update's version update, Silverlight update etc.) and make a restart, I've got the following bug:

    All Windows Explorer's windows got frozen. I mean, it's not possible to resize, drag, minimize, maximize, close them. When I bring my mouse pointer to Windos Explorer's control buttons, instead of the appropriate hints (Minimize, Maximize, Close), there's a small empty yellow area of 2 or 3 pixels width.

     When I after that try to open Microsoft Management Console or at least any of its components (for example, Device Manager), I see the following messagebox appearing: "Microsoft Management Console - Cannot create empty document" and on the buttons of this box there's no inscription (the "OK" text is supposed).

    Well, now about what I did to try to fix that.

    If I open "Programs and Features" > "Installed Updates" and uninstall these installed updates - that DOESN'T WORK. The only way out in this situation is going to Restore Point via System Restore and turning back to the date when none of the updates were installed.

    At the same time, when I update drivers for my laptop's hw (video card, motherboard, lan, and so on) or when I update my MS Office - everything is ok. No freezing happens.
    So, I'd be grateful for advices about how I can completely fix bug hereof.
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  • I would suggest approaching this in two phases.

    1. If you haven't already completed the installation of all of the hardware driver upgrades, please do that. You state that ".. when I update drivers ... no freezing happens", so that would be the first step.

    2. If you've identified other updates that do not result in the system freezing, complete the installation of those updates -- such as the Microsoft Office (btw, what version of Office are you installing???).

    3. That should leave you with one or more updates which appears to be causing this issue. Install them one-at-a-time, so that you can properly determine which update(s) is/are actually causing the problem. If an update installs successfully -- leave it installed. Since there aren't really any updates for the Windows 7 Operating System at this point, this is really an exercise in diagnostics, and nothing more.

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