downgrade from IE 9 to IE 8


  • Hi All,

    So apparently IE 9 is a mandatory security update, however I need to downgrade to to IE 8 and keep it downgraded.

    I can browse to the Windows Updates and I can click to uninstall the IE 9, and then it will ask me to restart. When it comes back up, I will have IE 8 installed. However, the Windows Updater will also be telling me that I have a security update and will start the 15min timer for a restart. After this restart I will be back up to IE 9 again.

    How do I keep IE at version 8? (I can always go back up to IE 9, but I need IE 8 for right now)

    I am using Windows 7 Pro with the Windows Intune software.

    thank you

    Monday, September 17, 2012 3:52 PM


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