Event 7001, Service Control Manager, Level: Error


  • I woke up this morning and i have 1,276 of these from 7:55:12 AM to 7:55:30 when i shut down the computer after noticing the computer was froze the very first thing i looked after noticing the computer was froze was the time it was froze around 2:30 Am on the sidebar gadget., the CPU cooler fans ramped up was my first clue.

    Here is what is in the event viewer this morning:

    Can i get some help with this please because i dont like waking up to a froze computer. I had clicked on event log online help and it is asking to verify that it is logged after i just click what was logged on event log online help. (?)

    one problem i noticed before i went to bed was that Microsoft/windows live mail was giving me error messages appolgizing and saying that an unexpected error occured and needed to close. although my other computer had the same problem that computer did not freeze.

    Sorry if i dont currently have more information, i will provide more information if needed. thanks

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  • I have been trying not to allow Battlefeild 3 through the firewall Because of so many problems and being warned about those several times. i am wondering if this is a result of that? (i am trying to figure this out)

    I have been able to play with it not allowed through the firewall. last night i was able to play for a few hours (as long as i was wanting to play).

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  • Hi,

    Based on the error information, please run Services.msc and check if Server Service and Workstation Service are running, and check if the startup types of them are Automatic.

    Hope this helps.

    Jeremy Wu

    TechNet Community Support

    Monday, September 3, 2012 3:25 AM
  • Ok thank you jeremy
    Monday, September 3, 2012 4:51 AM
  • I have checked Services.msc (Run services.msc) as recommended and all seems to be normal (startups for critical services are automatic) I am still trying to figure out how, what, when and where this error is happening.

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  • Hi,

    Based on my knowledge, any Service while fails to start will log as Event ID 7001. It does not special for The Computer Browser Service.

    The structure of Event Id 7001 Source: Service Control Manager is:

    Source: Service Control Manager

    Type: Error


    The <service name 1> service depends on the <service name 2> service which failed to start because of the following error: <error message>

    You may need to look into every error message for details.

    Hope this helps.

    Jeremy Wu

    TechNet Community Support

    Friday, September 7, 2012 8:25 AM
  • Ok that was what i was wondering because there is an application error in the list and was going to post that previously but figured i best stick to the point of answering the question. Mcafee if failing and i have been trying to keep it from doing that because i have been battling trojens, viruses Etc. Etc. so on and so forth.
    Friday, September 7, 2012 6:13 PM
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