broken fonts & crashing explorer.exe after updating to 8.1 RRS feed

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  • After updating to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8, I am having a slew of issues.

    1. Font rendering is inconsistent between different programs. Moving the program window between multiple monitors with identical resolution makes the look different, crisp and readable fonts in one, and illegible and blurry fonts in the other. Cleartype fonts work okay in some programs, but only in some monitors I own, but not others.

    2. Right clicking short cuts make explorer.exe reset. The window goes blank and the desktop reappears. It sounds 'crazy', why right clicking the My Documents shortcut on the task bar would do this...

    3. Certain programs, such as Google Chrome, and the help menu for Matlab 2013a is severely broken. Not only they suffer the same poor font rendering issue, but also the page layout is all wrong, the links and placements of content in the program menus are all scrambled.

    I had no issues whatsoever before the 8.1 update. So I am fairly sure I have the latest drivers for my hardware, and all these problems are introduced by the 8.1 update. I am using a 64 bit machine with an Nvidia graphics card that used to be rock solid until last nights impulsive choice for the update.

    This update was supposed to make Windows 8 experience better, but so far it makes me resent the day I uninstalled Win 7... Microsoft just gave birth to yet another Windows Vista! Do NOT upgrade to Win 8.1 just yet, wait for all these issues to surface up from early adopters (a.k.a. idiots like me who jumped on useless updates), and hopefully Microsoft will patch them taking their sweet time...

    Sunday, October 20, 2013 4:44 AM