How restore caused slow system problem answered?


  • I restored newly operational Windows 7. I don't know internal working of system restore but it failed to run restored OS at original speed. Mostly internet explorer's tab's redirection to other web page causes hang, message 'Busy tab...', which goes on for eons, other tabs works normally, but hanged tab needs restarting or closure, also I installed Adobe Flash player Active X  plugin, not Adobe Flash player and after restore Adobe Shockwave Player was uninstalled and not Adobe Flash Player Active X which caused audio players on web pages stopped playing audio files. Reinstallation of Adobe Flash player on uninstall of same messaged 'Current version of program older than installed version', OS doesn't removes all entries of Adobe Flash Player Active X Plugin (folder, file, registry entries). Once all these procedures are completed Adobe Flash Player Active X Plugin and Adobe Shock Wave Player gets successfully installed and starts playing audio files from web. How to restore fully loaded computer? 
    Saturday, February 02, 2013 7:34 AM