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  • I apologize for the lack of data here as I am seeking answers. I am not currently a DPM user and want to understand this potential.

    I was going back and forth with a DPM user and I was suggesting the use of tape for offsite level ransomware type protection. This user felt it would be a waste as he felt he was protected due to each and every backup that was being created by DPM was creating its own partition? (also backups are synced to offsite DR location)

    While I still feel the tape would be a level beyond this security wise, is this even a thing or was I having the wool pulled over my eyes? Can somebody explain how this is done and what level of protection it really would give me?


    Tuesday, May 8, 2018 2:25 AM

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  • Hi IGeeky1,

    Disk-based protection process

    To provide disk-based data protection, the DPM server creates and maintains a replica, or copy, of the data that is on protected servers. The replicas are stored in the storage pool which consists of a set of disks on the DPM server, or on a custom volume.

    DPM stores a separate replica for each protection group member in the storage pool. A protection group member can be any of the following data sources:

    • A volume, share, or folder on a desktop computer, file server, or server cluster.
    • A storage group on an Exchange server or server cluster
    • A database of an instance of SQL Server or server cluster

    Tape-based protection process
    When you use short-term disk-based protection and long-term tape-based protection, DPM can back up data from the replica volume to tape so that there is no impact on the protected computer. When you use tape-based protection only, DPM backs up the data directly from the protected computer to tape.

    DPM protects data on tape through a combination of full and incremental backups from either the protected data source (for short-term protection on tape or for long-term protection on tape when DPM does not protect the data on disk) or from the DPM replica (for long-term protection on tape when short-term protection is on disk).

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    Hope this is of any aid!

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    Tuesday, May 8, 2018 8:47 AM
  • Thank you for response Leon,

    I guess I'm fairly familiar with most of what you presented. My major query was how was trying to understand this persons presentation that the backups(replicas) created by DPM were ll on their own partition and therefore fairly immune form ransomware/malware attacks. Is this simply because they are not on shared stores? Guess I'm having a hard time comparing that protection to offline tape and was wondering if I were missing something.

    Tuesday, May 8, 2018 8:41 PM