Installation of Windows 7 SP1


  • When I downloaded SP1 I could no longer connect to the other computers on the network even though I could still see them I couldn't access them. The passwords to access the computers would not be accepted. Then the Windows update came up again to notify that SP1 was available for download and installation again. I assumed that it didn't download properly so I tried to download again. The SP1 was not listed as an installed program. An error box continually comes up from spinstall.exe stating that a missing sqmapi.dll was preventing the download of the SP1 and now an additional problem was coming up from GFXUI.exe that it wasn't working as well. I have read that spinstall.exe in a hackware infection and should be deleted but the program will not allow me to delete it even though I have administrator rights. The error box says I must have Trusted Installer rights to delete this program. Any suggestions other than re-formatting and reloading Windows 7.


    Friday, March 18, 2011 3:03 PM