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  • I apologize if this isn't a "windows 7 networking' issue, but it seemed the most logical place for me to report this.

    I have several devices throughout my network that use SMB to access files on my computer (most notably to play media). I set up a user for the shares (part of no user-group to prevent it from displaying at login, but I give it sufficient permissions to access the directories I want it to). It works just fine. Then, I install Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant and all goes to ____. All my devices prompt me over and over for username and password and no matter what I enter (the account I created, or my normal admin information) it kicks me out. The second I restore windows back to before Windows Live ID sign-in assistant was installed everything works back to normal.

    This also seems to affect media streaming to an XBox 360 (though I can't be 100% sure because I've been having issues with this to begin with.)  Note: Just uninstalling the Assistant doesn't fix it, I actually had to use system restore. This happened to me on 32 bit RC1 and now it is happening on 64 bit RC1.  The interesting thing is that I can still access the shares from a windows vista and xp computer. An IPhone, a modded xbox, some media streamer that my father uses in his room (not sure of the model at the moment) all have the issue.

    I would also like to note I am not in a Homegroup, my network is set to 'home or work' with network discovery on, file and print sharing on, public folder sharing is on, 128 bit encryption is on, password protected sharing is on and 'use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers' is on. The only difference between successfully working and not working at all is the installation of the Windows Live ID Sign in Assistant which incidently was installed so that I could enable internet media streaming!

    I understand that the devices I am using for this may not be of anyone at MSFT's concern, but I figured I would provide this issue just in case it is affecting something else which might be more important. For the time being I have restored to a point where the Assistant is not installed, because I am not using internet streaming (I just wanted to try it) and everything else is working fine.

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  • Hi, Windows 7 RC x64 (7100) plus Windows Live Sign in assistant messed up my SMB shares as well. I noticed the assistant was installed together with the Office live add-in (Windows Update). It toke me some time to resolve the problem. I didn't need to do a system restore, just uninstall the assistant and reboot my computer.

    Microsoft, please look into this, thanks!
    Monday, June 29, 2009 7:44 PM
  • Greetings:

    The issue with samba/linux not being able to connect to Win7 + Live Sign-in assistant was caused by a bug in samba's security negotiation code that did not anticipate the additional security object introduced by the Live Sign-in assistant.


    All major samba releases are affected by this bug.


    For reference, please see the following samba bug report:



    According to samba devs, the fix should be queued for next 3.4.x and 3.5.x releases.

    The patch should be pretty easy for other developers to adapt to older samba builds if they cannot upgrade for some reason.

    I'm sure it will take a little while for the linux distros to pick up the patch though.




    Thursday, July 22, 2010 5:30 PM
  • I had the same problem here, except I had to uninstall windows live messenger to get rid of the sign in assistant, which was a major pain in the...

    For some reason now, though, the live ID sign in assistant seems to keep being installed by something, as it keeps coming back, although no one is doing this manually.

    Wednesday, December 8, 2010 7:17 PM
  • I uninstalled Windows LIVE ZOMG LIVE LIVE LIVE!@! sign in assistant (more aptly named "windows smb prevention assistant"), and it keeps coming back. 

    The device which needs to access the share is not easily updated, and the fix will likely NOT be applied to it.  I'm about to move to a non-microsoft email client to completely uninstall Windows LIVE!!!21! related apps.


    I miss the old SMB server and the old outlook express that came with XP.  No problems with either, and saying "it's those otherguys' stuff that's broke is pretty unprofessional. 

    But, I have to remember that when windows 95 came out, it would crash Netware servers, with only a shrug and a dopey grin from MS support, when I consider the likely hood that this will get fixed.  I'm thinking this is the desired outcome, since this problem has been going on for a year, now.




    Tuesday, December 28, 2010 9:05 PM
  • So whats the FIX to this WITHOUT uninstalling 'Windows Live sign-in assistant' as this POS is need to play GTAIV online. So I have to install Windows Live sign in assistant play the game and then UNINSTALL Windows Live sign in assistant to use my network, Nice one Microsoft. It's the microsoft way If it aint broke throw an update at it to break it. This is over YEAR old now and still BROKEN.
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    Wednesday, January 5, 2011 6:24 PM

    Leave retarde micro$oft OS and get all linux, and many enterprises will develop for linux instead the retarded micro$oft windows

    AMSN is free and not so annoying.

    Linux is free and better.

    "In a world without walls and fences who needs windows or gates?"

    Friday, March 18, 2011 11:43 PM
  • This stupid automatic update has been bugging me every so often I let windows do its updates and it installs this live id sign-in thing. So I finally came up with this to fake Windows into thinking it is already installed. If you have live id installer, uninstall it, then after reboot run this, liveidblocker.reg:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    "ProductName"="Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant"
    "ProductName"="Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant"
    "Publisher"="Microsoft Corporation"
    "DisplayName"="Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant"
    After this it seems to no longer try to install this update, it still shows up in installed programs but none of the files and other registry entries are functional.

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    Saturday, October 8, 2011 3:46 PM
  • Unfortunately that fix doesn't work for the newer games live Street Fighter X Tekken... which apparently can't function without the sign in assistant. Has anybody come up with any solutions yet??
    Wednesday, May 30, 2012 5:39 AM
  • Hi Guys,

    I'm a complete novice when it comes to things like this but am I right to assume the reason Microsoft haven't done anything about this is because it's actually due to 3rd party software causing the problem, ie. Samba, Linux?

    I also have a few games for Windows that require Windows Live ID Sign in Assistant and it's very frustrating to have to choose if I can play my £80 worth of games or have the ability to use my £80 WDTV Live box as it seems impossible to do both at the moment.

    Like I said before, I'm a total novice but I really don't understand why the Sign in Assistant should actually have any barring on what I share through my local network. And it appears that the third party software developers are not getting some form of co-operation from Microsoft as this is still not fixed more than 3 years on?? If only there were some way of playing these games without the needs for the Sign in Assistant!! Bizarre!!!

    Thursday, June 21, 2012 10:11 AM