SP1 RC (public) does not play nicely with ATI 3870 RRS feed

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  • Vista 32 on a Dell Precision 490 with a single Xeon 5160 and 4Gb RAM. The video card is an ATI 3870 running with the Catalyst 7.12 drivers.

    With SP1 RC (public), I get odd curruptions to the display, typically when Vista calls for administror authorisation under UAC. In such cases, instead of the background fading and a prompt coming into focus in the foreground, the whole screen goes black. Pressing cursor keys SOMETIMES brings the display back a little at a time. Otherwise, I am obliged to reboot using the power key.

    The same symptoms sometimes appear when resuming from sleep mode.

    I have now uninstalled the SP1 RC (public). This has resolved these problems.

    Monday, January 14, 2008 7:15 PM