Run bcdedit (or alternative) against usb drive?


  • We currently image hard drives from USB adapters hooked to a laptop running Windows Vista that contains our wim and the tools needed to prepare and image the drive. After using diskpart and format to get the USB disk ready we use imagex to write the image to the USB drive and then use bootsect with the "/nt60" paramater to make it bootable. The image has had sysprep ran on it. We then take the drive off the USB adapter, put it in the origional computer, and start imaging another drive. The problem we run into is that the drive will still not boot until we boot to the Vista DVD and repair it. I expected this before I ran sysprep because I was switching hard drives, but I thought I wouldn't have to go through this step after running sysprep. When I do a repair on the hard drive from the Vista DVD I get this message and the system boots correctly after a reboot...

    The partition table does not have a valid system partition – repair action: partition table repair

    I'm guessing that I could run bcdedit against the drive from WinPE and fix it, but I would like to know a way to repair it while it is still hooked up to a USB adapter connected to a laptop running Vista Enterprise. Is there a way to run bcdedit against a flash drive or is there another utility that I should be using?

    Thanks in advance for any help with this.

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 3:43 AM