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  • Currently the University lab has 11 lab laptops- Win 10.

    Four of the 11 will require entering your University logon name and Pass word when you want to logon to the school WiFi. The other seven laptops will connect with out asking for log on names and passwords.

    I want all laptops to require a person to enter their log on name and password when connecting to the WiFi. The lap tops are not registered to the University Domain due to specific reasons. They function as personal laptops, not University.

    How do you do this?

    I had tried a 'chat' with MS people but they did not know and was sending it to more technical people. No help.

    I have talked to my IT people and they have no idea. Their opinion is that when one person logs on to the WiFi using their Log on Nam and password the computer is set to always use that information. How ever of the 11 laptops 4 of them require the person to enter their University log on and pass word.The only difference between the 4 which require name and password is that one window title is 'Windows Security    Sign In' and the other just 'Sign In'. Both has 'Domain' at the bottom. Just the word domain not the domain name itself.

    Again I want all laptops to require a person to use their personal log in name and password.

    Friday, August 25, 2017 2:44 PM

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  • Are the affected machines and non affected the exact same version of Windows? (Start > Settings > System, About on the left then scroll down bottom of the right and check the version including OS Build).

    Are they definitely connection to the same wifi network? Same SSID?

    What is the security set to on that wifi network?

    Saturday, August 26, 2017 3:30 PM