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  • I tried to answer to another thread with a similar title and it has been locked..I wonder why? Of course not is obvious,Microsoft is peeved off.

    The post started with this :

    Has ANYBODY found an effective and easy-to-understand way to disable (decapitate, exterminate, disembowel) windows 7 'TrustedInstaller'?? This has to be, by FAR, one of the WORST devices MS has ever come up with. I wouldn't even be aware of it's existence, if it had not been for it turning my OS processing into peanut butter sludge on so many occasions. And now, it appears to be interfering with adding legitimate 3rd party procedures and add-ons. It is a gargantuan CPU SUCK, and it doesn't appear to accomplish ANYTHING that couldn't be accomplished w/ a combination of Win DEFENDER and UAC permissions. I did hear somebody comment, on another forum, that it "protects your system from making damaging changes to itself....blah, blah". Well, a howitzer will probably be effective at killing flies, too, but is that the approach you want to take? What bothers me is that the PINHEAD who came up with this one, is probably kicking it in a plush MS office right now, and WORSE YET, will probably be making FUTURE decisions on OS's. (Yeah, just when you thought the fun was over....)
    This 'trusted installer' is a disease, and it is about time that Microsoft DID THE RIGHT THING by their customers and came up with an appropriate fix! But while we are waiting for Microsoft to do the right thing (I'm sure there's no hurry there....!) Is there ANY way to terminate this process?? And I mean 'terminate...with EXTREME prejudice'.

    Gratitude in advance to anyone who can help

     ( By someone calling themselves smccfly007)

    I TOTALLY AGREE with this person.

    Now I want to ask,what would happen if I delete trusted installer.exe from the registry? Would I automatically gain access to the programs this thing takes control of?

    I mean it is stopping me from moving Notepad to my desktop,for years I had windows vista and I have always had  the notepad on my desktop....if I try to put a shortcut of Notepad on the desktop is telling me that I need permission from trusted installer.YOU GOTTA BE FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is just another feature of freaking BigBrother is Watching you!

    It annoys me that some clever big wigs think adding this features is clever or of any use....another symptom of why this world is upside down.

    SERIOUSLY if anyone at all can provide me with a real solution to this please come forward,I ain't a computing expert so need step by step explanation but.......I want rid of this freaking virus.

    Like mr 007 which post I pasted above any help will be greatly appreciated.

    By the way I am a lady.

    Saturday, November 24, 2012 11:09 AM

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  • Hi,

    It is never recommended to do any changes with TrustInstaller. If you do this with registry forcedly, there would be many unexpected issue happens to the OS. Even may cause the OS crash and unrecovered.

    Most of the operating system files are owned by the TrustedInstaller security identifier (SID), which is the only SID that has full control over them. The purpose is to prevent a process that is running as an administrator or under the LocalSystem account from automatically replacing the operating system files. To delete an operating system file, you need to take ownership of the file and then add an access control entry (ACE) on the file that permits you to delete it. This helps protect against a process that is running as LocalSystem and has a System integrity label; a process that has lower integrity should not be able to elevate itself to change ownership. Some services, for instance, can run with medium integrity, even though they are running as LocalSystem. Such services cannot replace system files, thereby preventing an exploit that takes over a service from replacing operating system files.

    We need to find a proper solution or workaround for specific issue but not delete TrustInstaller.



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    Tuesday, November 27, 2012 3:24 AM
  • So apparently you did not read the post very well. Trusted installer is stupid at best. Before windows 7 this was not a thing and computers all over the world did not end....... I do not have a tried an true way cutting out this tumor that is keeping from deleting things like background pictures how ever here are the steps to taking control over the stupid thing. It sucks I know but better slow than windows getting to do what it wants.

    1. Go to the folder that contains the file or Folder whose ownership you want to change.
    2. Right Click of mouse on that file or Folder and Choose “Properties“.
    3. Navigate to “Security” tab.
    4. Click on “Advanced” on the Security tab to open the Advance security setting for the file.
    5. On the Owner ; Click on “Change“.
    6. Click on “Advanced” on the open “Select User or Group” Window.
    7. Click on “Find Now” on the open Window.
    8. It will show you all the available user on the Search results.
    9. Now select the user that you want to give the ownership and click on “OK“.
    10. Again Click on “OK” on the “Select User or Group” to change the ownership.
    11. Now the Ownership for that file or folder is changed.
    12. Now apply all the changes and Click on OK and close all the open Window.
    13. That is it.

    Again I am sorry it is only a treatment not a cure. 

    BTW if you are going tell us about what its purpose is WE DON'T CARE. we lived fine without it before and now it is just causing stupid problems. 

    I will keep looking and let you know what i come up with. 

    Friday, March 20, 2015 11:34 PM
  • I have been looking for a solution to this since 2009 or whenever I first got se7en x64. In services it is listed as "Windows Modules Installer" where I have it set to "Manual" under the startup type. At least it doesn't run unless something calls for it. It is located in Windows\servicing\TrustedInstaller.exe at the bottom and also in Windows\servicing\en-US\TrustedInstaller.exe.mui. Also there is at least 1 copy in the Windows\winsxs folder.

    I have tried disabling it in services, hiding/renaming it's executable in the folder where it resides, all of which caused different aspects of Windows to either not work or not work right. I have removed it's Prefetch file (.pf) in Windows\Prefetch\ (where I removed a lot of other programs prefetch files because everything thinks it needs to start when Windows does, native and third party programs) so at least TrustedInstaller.exe doesn't run all the time. I am logged in under the true "Administrators Account" enabled in Group Policy and renamed, and I too follow the same process you do to change ownership of some files since right-clicking and choosing "Take Ownership" does not work on all types of files or all types of operations with certain files.

    good luck

    michael clyde

    btw - giving answers to a question you did not ask is the apparent S.O.P.

    Monday, March 23, 2015 3:45 AM