If virus has infected your hard drive MBR and partition table (boot sector) wich has windows 7 installed on it do you have to low level format the hard disk or partitioning again the hard drive wil be enough


  • hello,

    if any computer  with windows 7  is infected with a virus and if the virus has infected the MBR  and partition table do you have to use low level format program to clean the hardware or there is no need at all to low level format it.

    I have friends hoe has computer repaire store,hoe says that sometimes virus infects MBR and  partition table en you have to erase this first boot sector with low level format to clean it from virus.

    but I read in a book that when you partition a hard disk it creates the MBR and partition table   which called first boot sector.

    so I think if partitioning creates the MBR and partition table , will be not enough  partitioning again the hard drive which is infected with virus ( MBR +partition table)  wil clean this virus from the first boot sector.  am  I right  or wrong?     if  I am right  then you   don't need to low level format the hard disk.




    Tuesday, December 18, 2012 4:55 PM


  • No need to do a low level format, infact low level format can only be done with very non public Tools, low level format is a misused term.

    A ordinary format will be good enough, of you want you could Clean the disk with diskpart to Clean out all partitions.

    Tuesday, December 18, 2012 9:00 PM