USER PROFILE SERVICES: Service failed to Logon


  • USER PROFILE SERVICES:  Service failed to Logon


    To everyone having this problem, please read-on and in the future, remember Windows "Restore Point". 


    Hello,  07-03-08 12:46 A.M. (CST)


    Here is the SOLUTION!  I sent this reply to the post by Cengelen, and I am going to send it to many of the people having this same problem; because it gave me fits until I found the SIMPLE fix.  In my case, Windows had automatically installed an update to Shockwave Flash Player or something like that.  I went to the Windows "Restore Point", and it restored me to prior to the update, and I was back to normal.  So it was the new update that caused my problem.  HOPE this helps everyone!


    QUOTED from my reply to Cengelen:


    My name is Venita.  This happened to me tonight for the first time.  I have a relatively new computer which came installed with Windows Vista Home.  After spending a couple hours reading the forums and trying things, but mostly just not believing all these complicated procedures were necessary; it dawned on me about the Windows Restore Point, which was a new feature with XP and naturally is on Vista.


    Then viola!  As I saw one person say on a very complicated procedure, which I did not believe.  Here is how simple it was for me!  Just go to Start Menu or wherever you go to find Windows Help and Support.  For me, I just click on Start, there I see among all the other items, a link for "Help and Support".  From there, click on the link for "Security and Maintenance".  Inside there, you should see a link, (mine is on the right-hand side), for "Backup and Restore".  Underneath Backup and Restore, you will click the link to "Backup Files".  Then finally when you do this, you should see an option for "System Restore".  This will allow you to restore your system to an earlier point (before the problem started).


    In my case, there had been an update installed for one of those Shock Wave or Flash or something like that.  System Restore just restored my computer to the time prior to the new update for that program, and I went right back to normal.


    I think many of us, I know I do, forget how easy things can be with "System Restore", and so we spend all this time trying to fix our system by taking the advice of persons who really don't care about what is best for us.  In the end, they probably want to mess us up, so we will have to buy something else.


    But this fix is SO easy!  If you do not know how to find System Restore on your computer, just type in System Restore in your search bar.  I am confident there will be a link somewhere to get you there.  And this is as easy as it gets... you won't have to do anything.  Windows will simply restore your computer to the point before your problem started.


    One last note:  I had set up other User Accounts, so I was able to sign on and go to the internet or my Start Menu.  I didn't notice if you have another account you can sign into or not.  I surely hope you do.  I was so thankful that I did.  If I had not been able to correct this problem, I was going to lose all my business files and that would have been a catastrophy for me.  It happened to me about a year ago. but for a different reason.  I am not a computer technology whiz and have taught myself everything I know; but if I can help you, you may write to me at


    Hope it helps!

    Thursday, July 03, 2008 6:15 AM