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  • I've written a program in VB.Net that creates scheduled tasks using SCHTasks, this works perfectly in Vista, W7 & WHS2011, but not in Windows 8.

    It seems that tasks created with SCHTasks sooner or later stop running, here's the arguments that I've used, but I've changed the program it runs for testing purposes.

    schtasks /Create /RU "My-PC\Ronski" /RP "mypassword" /SC Minute /MO 1 /TN "HG612 Stats Program" /TR "\"C:\Temp\Test.bat"\"

    And the contents of test.bat (just for testing purposes)

    echo %time% >> C:\Temp\Test.txt

    The task runs every minute to run  the batch file (it would normally run a program which collects stats from a modem), but we have also tested it with the example batch file.

    I have installed a trial version of Windows 8 Enterprise into Virtualbox and have myself had the task stop twice now, once after about three hours, and another after just 10 minutes. I noticed on the second run that the next run time updated every minute but it never ran, and the last run time didn't change.

    I've now purchased Windows 8 Pro for my laptop, so will conduct some more testing myself, one of our users has created his own task and this seems to be running fine since Friday, another user had his stop after many days, but may have edited the one created by SchTasks.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or any ideas where to look to get more information, the task history didn't show anything.

    Monday, March 18, 2013 6:53 PM

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