Windows 7 installed on an HP DV5000 Computer

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  • This is less of a question and more of a general solution to some of the major driver problems that I ran into while installing windows 7 ultimate on my computer.

    I am currently running windows 7 ultimate on the dv5000 hp pavilion notebook: Turion 64, radeon mobile express graphics, 1gb ram, and the rest is standard for the model.

    The first and most prominent issue encountered was one that has already been discussed on a related forum involving the sound driver not being recognized or installed.  The solution is as follows and can be found in discussion at---

    Link to the driver is copy and paste into browser is:

    This must be edited as follows once drivers are extracted into root folder.  The following is a breakdown of the fix:

    Open .inf file found in C:\swsetup\SP35558  the file should be named cp6308Ba.inf

    Open and then replace the lines similar to the following with these:


    After which you go to the device manager under the control panel and install the driver.  It should be labeled as audio device, or something similar and have a triangle next to it.  This can be installed by right clicking and update driver, browse, let me pick, select the device this case it is an audio device, and then click have disk and then selecting the edited .inf file.  This will be an unsigned driver but WILL work. 


    The next fix is for the SD card reader and is a little less straight forward.  I made a couple mistakes when installing the driver, so if it doesn't work please feel free to modify and correct any mistakes.

    The driver location is:

    This can simply be downloaded and installed.  The installation will fail but the drivers will be extracted.  Similar to the previous install select the hub under the incorrectly installed devices in the device manager and click update driver, browse, let me pick, select the device (in this case an SD card reader) then select the texas instrument .inf file.  This driver is made for a 64bit OS.

    If any more fixes arise I will update, the last major fix is a working PCI driver, but I have no use for the PCI at the moment and no way to verify functionality.


    Please post questions and comments,


    Saturday, June 05, 2010 6:18 AM

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