Corrupt Registry, Failed Restore, Can't Boot.


  • I installed Windows 7 on a new 500GB drive, while keeping XP on a separate 1TB drive on my system. Have been using Windows 7 now for a week with no error. The only programs I have installed are firefox, safari, and iTunes. I have also installed any test updates that have been released.

    I went to start up in Windows 7 the other day, and got a blue sceen error. When my system rebooted, it went into recovery mode, with Windows 7 trying to automatically fix the issue. Unfortunately, it stated it could not be fixed, and that the error was due to a corrupt registry.

    I haven't reinstalled RC1 yet, so I still have access to all the files. If a support engineer needs any specific log files or otherwise, let me know. Very strange that this happened so quickly with minimal use.
    Wednesday, July 15, 2009 8:36 PM