Windows Search ( not working at all


  • hi guys.

    my windows search isn't working at all.
    when i use the "start search" tab on the start menu, it says:

    the specified path does not exist
    check the path, and try again."

    and when i use the "searches" function on windows explorer, this happens:

    so i went online and tried to search for solutions, and i stumbled upon the Windows Search FixIt utility tool.
    i used it and this happens:

    so i went around searching for more answers, and i found a suggestion to "check the search box at the Turn Windows features on or off in the Control Panel".

    i went ahead and tried it but as it would turn out, the "Turn Windows features on or off" is completely empty/blank.
    it doesn't even display any boxes for me to check/uncheck.

    for reference, i'm using a Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit with SP3

    can anyone help me with my issue?

    it's kind of urgent because i'm missing some files on my computer and i have to search for it asap.

    thanks for the trouble guys.

    Sunday, June 17, 2012 3:24 AM