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  • Is there a way to create multiple users in a Virtual PC running Windows XP on one Windows 7 user?  Each user would have their own workspace in the Virtual PC but can access the same virtual hard drive.
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  • That is what Windows Terminal Services provides or you might consider VDI. 

    You can't get a multiple users accessing the same VM. You would need to have a unique XP VM for each concurrent user.

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  • Hi,


    Based on my knowledge, you could achieve your purpose by following method.


    Open the Windows XP Mode and create a new user account with a password.


    1.            In XP mode, click start button, then click Control Panel.

    2.            Select User Account in the this panel.

    3.            Then click Create a new account and type a name of the new account (for example: Test).

    4.            Choose the Account type, click Create Account.

    5.            In User account, please click the new account and Create a password.


    If the new user account will be auto log on when running XP mode, please go to Credential Manager in Windows 7 and delete the Credentials of the new account and check the result.


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    Della Li


    Tuesday, January 31, 2012 3:26 AM