• I have upgraded Windows 7 and now mscorsvw.exe is consuming almost all my systems capacity.

    Immediately after the upgrade I made an image backup I will call BK1.IMG.

    I have researched mscorsvw this using google as follows:

    Mscorsvw compiles .net modules (I understand).

    At first it compiles high priority modules for around 10 minutes (I understamd).

    Then it compiles the rest of the modules running at low priority (I understand, but with a question).

    It has been running this way for 33 hours. When I log on mscorsvw stops for a while.

    Whin I log off it starts up again after say 10 minutes.

    How long is this process likely to take?

    It makes no sense to make a final image backup (BK2.IMG) until mscorsvw has finished.

    How long is this all going to take? Is 33 hours already too long? What to do?

    Thanks, Steve Broshears ...

    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 5:09 AM


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