Windows 7 Not Genuine build 7601...???


  • I have read many of the posts by people having the same problem and constant warning of "Windows 7 Build 7601  This copy of Windows is not genuine" * I noticed that the Build numbers vary some  - 7600, 7601...???* 

    There seems to be a common factor with all the different posts with this problem, in as much as people have just "Updated" or in my case I downloaded "Windows Secuirty Essentials" and that "Triggered" the Microsoft Windows Warning, because for the past 2 years there has not been any problem in this regard...

    Only right after downloading that security program...

    *I downloaded it because I read online about how good this program from Microsoft was in Virus detection/removal etc*

    The problem I am having now is "Nobody" (HP computer Manf. or Microsoft) will even talk to me about it without purchasing a very expensive warranty...!!!

    I think I`ll have to try a complete "System Recovery" and hope that it works to get rid of this most annoying pop-up...!!!
    *If I am "Flying" on my Microsoft Flight Sim X, this pop-up/warning Shuts Down FSX immediatedly*

    I will post anything I have learned to get rid of this in the next week or so, I`ll post about my System Recovery Results when I try that option...


    Sunday, May 15, 2011 1:53 AM