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  • I am trying to use my hitachi dvd ram video camera in xp mode to download videos. This camera and dvd ram technology is incompatible with Windows 7, as it was with Vista. I have been using my old xp computer for downloading and transferring the files over via the wireless network. Downloading is a pain because it is slow with 1 gm ram max plus time to transfer the files later. So, I am trying to use virtual xp mode on my dell xps 420 where I can allocate like 3gb ram to download straight to my newer computer. I installed the dvd ram driver and dvd movie album se software ok, but when i try to attach the camera I get a video card error 0x something or other regarding video card acceleration and reducing the resolution. I could not ajust the reslotion in xp mode, by the way, as it was frozen, so I did so in the windows 7 desktop to no avail. Do I need to install xp video card drivers while in xp mode? I have nvidia 8800 gt. Also, if I just boot up the application through a shortcut I cannot get it to recognize the camera USB connection. I have to open up the virtual machine desktop and click on the camera in the usb menu, listed as "shared."
    Friday, January 29, 2010 7:52 PM


  • Virtual Machines have an emulated video card, they do not use the physical card you have.  Your application probably requires 3D or video hardware acceleration which the emulated video card in Virtual PC does not have.

    No consumer VM software gives you direct access your video card.  Parallels does make a high-end VM solution that runs on specific Intel workstations and allows the VM direct access to specific nVidia workstation class video cards.

    You could try VirtualBox or VMWare, both offer limited 3D support in their emulated video cards.
    Friday, January 29, 2010 9:29 PM