Error Code 80010108 Install error


  • I have the same error code as the other people.  My problem is that I got this error during install.  I'm trying to install bunch of security updates along with service pack 2.  I'm on a Toshiba laptop using Vista.  I don't think it could be a time out error unless install stoped so the update gave a timeout error?????

    I haven't used the laptop in over a year, that's why so many updates.  I think the count was 48, but I'm installing only four or five at a time.  I was doing five at the time of the error.  Four of the five did install.  The error came on the last update.  I think it was a service pack trying to install.  It was pretty big.

    I appreicate any help you can provide.




    Saturday, May 28, 2011 10:52 AM


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