Windows 7 - Folder Redirection / Offline Files / Roaming Profiles / User-Settings Virtualization / Server 2008 R2 File Servers - Any accellerators, complete guides?


  • We have deployed Windows 7 with Folder Redirection / Roaming Profiles and all that stuff.  We are experiencing the kind of issues highlighted in this thread:  We have opened a few support tickets with Microsoft and although some issues have been resolved, the system is still very fragile with many occurences of profile corruptions.  In some Offline files get's in such a mess, the only solution is a complete machine rebuild..

    Our current issues are:

      - Windows 7 Randomly offlining entire file server shares, resulting in large syncs.
      - Offline files getting out of sync and files are undeletable (they just pop back no matter how we do it, rebuild required)
      - Profile corruptions.
      - .tmp files building up
      - Popups showing computer is offline/ online, not loaded, that sort of stuff.

    We have 3 main scenarios:

      - Laptop user - They'll log on / off the network anywhere using UAG or Microsoft L2TP.  They might be on a fast, slow or no network.  Home wifi, WPA2 Enterprise.
      - Roaming Desktop user on a fast network (100Mbit to DCs, file servers etc.)
      - Roaming Desktop user on a slow network (ADSL or slightly better)

    The problem we are having is that there are so many profile settings, offline files settings, network detection settings, folder redirection settings, as well as legacy GPOs interferring from our earlier XP installs, that it is virtually impossible to understand exactly what the best sets of settings are for these scenarios.

    So is there an accelerator, guide or anything else that will give a simple example of a known good configuration, for the above scenarios?



    Thursday, December 15, 2011 11:58 AM

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