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  • I am using reporting services 2008 to generate a report. One of the field contains xml codes that i want prevent from showing up on the report.
    I've used this function to remove somes.
    Function XmlToText(ByVal value As String) As String
    If value.Contains("<?xml:namespace") Then
    Return System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(value,"<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =",""),"<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =",""),"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags",""),"/>",""),"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office","").Trim()
           End If
           Return value

       End Function

    Is there any other way of reading all the xml tag.

    Thank you.

    Thursday, June 11, 2009 9:19 PM


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