Cannot eject USB mass storage for any hardware combination


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    A lot of people are getting the exact same symptoms. Dabur972 asked me to create a new thread, maybe it will get more attention.

    Also scanned for rootkits/spyware with gmer, RootkitRevealer, and clamscan; bad sectors/corruption with chkdsk and smartmontools. No abnormalities found. Also tested on laptop with Windows XP Professional x86--ejects fine.
    Suffering from the exact same problem (can't eject) on Windows 7 Professional x64. I'm fairly positive it is independent of the hardware, as it occurs on the following USB enclosure and hard drive configurations:

    IcyDock MB561S-4S
    Startech SATADOCK22UE

    Hitachi HD32000 2TB
    Samsung F3 HD103SJ 1 TB

    System: Intel DG45FC with latest drivers

    Besides these, I have not tested other models, so I have not seen a hardware configuration that does not suffer from this problem. Furthermore, these configurations eject without problems on my other dual-boot Debian/Mac OS X 10.4 in both operating systems. Only Windows 7 exhibits the problem.

    As the OP stated, LockHunter (x64 1.0 beta 3 in my case) shows locking by the System on the following paths:

    Process Explorer AND Handle, both Microsoft applications show "No matching handles found." Thus I suspect it is some shadow system process running in the background (maybe Microsoft's Samba server?) that is locking the files in a way that the operating system API cannot even detect. However, the problem occurs even when I am not connected to the server from another PC.
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 7:16 AM

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