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  • Stop. Organize. And get rid of Bill Gates himself screwing every one for every penny he can get in his wisdom. That holy lord is greedy sick.
    Why should only school kids be granted free programs, they are some sort of holy innocent angels among Bill - god himself? Because that's what daddy grants .edu emails from his own personal mighty wallet of power, free visual studio enterprise programming tools.

    Do we need 64 bit processing, when 32 can contain RGB + gamma window vision? Windows 7 worked! except for longpath filenames and counting time when having a file copy duty, and that was the upgrade Windows 10. Where do you people actually look, when talking about internet in the clouds, cause from where I stand and look, those are pollution made of exhaust and such.
    Dedicate a folder as desktop, so any website can save data automatically there. And when a user then visits a website, desktop change design, and the website appear on desktop along with its data, so you clearly see everything - both cache, temp, logs, your store wallet etc -. 
    You Microsoft developers - since 1988 - haven't yet grasped the desktop idea - to virtualize the desk instead of making user profiles. How many computers have different users, oh yeah libraries .. they got endless universe and thus settings for every user? Get rid of that split personality, there can be only one karate kid.

    Harddrives are all databases to be considered: Variables with content. So you can use filesystem thus, that filename is variable and content is its data. (Nothing else, no time or archive bit; we don't need big brother registration. Use a tropologic coordinate system instead for exactness: 24 hours circling and a moon waltz on the 12 hours dialog, that is 13 months with 265.25 dairies a year, one cycle every fourth season. The year of Christ was not zero, from that time they just had rebirth - gaga - and couldn't remember story anymore. And that's why machine and computer started in need.) But there has to be room also, which is "you talk and talk but say nothing really", that is areas and addresses - also variables with content -, but they specify files, where they belong, like racism; if you're a fish walk around.
    So out with a,b,c and NTFS; stop booting from windows and start formating from BIOS again to multiboot whereever or visual studio design from the beginning ...
    All data must be compressed efficient and have checksum, so they can be compared and exchanged with an original copy likewise. What is encryption and raid? All you psychopaths with joystick think encryption-raid is a catch - but it's about real security, something that exists before police or firefolks arive too late to arrange. 

    Stop living on healt insurrances - windows 10 collecting private sexual user experience in revelations -, boot freedom. Create a union jack, make windows 7 OS free, low cost, no cost. Stop the drivers nonsense. And start the plug n' play, a device can contain its own union jack driver to reveal when plugged. People have to become sick to appreciate music soothening the mind for ever. Do you want likewise concerning Windows SOS? Create a union that benefits the efficient and honest, for example Samsung, Sandisk and Voyager USB sticks 256 GB. Samsungs is durable and the fastest. The others' nonsense waste people's time. Something gamers enjoy. You can buy a 2.5" big or even still a spinning drive, while you also can enjoy the quality of silent SSD small like M.2. Can you make a union and rule out the crap?

    The union goal must be to cure! What is a computer really? Come on out with it, you believe stupidly about it being a product of intelligence and wealth? ... Yes.
    Look at yourselves in the mirror and ask "where is my fur?". Check your rabbi dog barking, it probably still has fur despite sore throat. And its fur is used for temperature isolation. If you had that all over instead of only natural places, you would need no clothes. So are clothes really richness to have, to grasp, to honor?
    Ever since the big bang year of Christ with electroshock therapy starting the rebirth of humans, the clocks stopped to working in their brains who then started to die naturally. There then became need for handicap means, and here came about - among other wealthy stuff to own - computer, which thus really is something to use to learn about the brain meltdown - for instance shopping, which is possible to program in your brain similar to programming a computer. But admit the brain clock malfunctions, because what do you all typically bear on your armwrist?

    On the conquest for good health: What can computer learn us about life?
    Comparing the body life to a basic program running certain drifts to sustain life, then the program must run or else it dies.
    With visual studio programming it is possible to run threads. And they can mix erronously for instance: 1) if one has to finish tasks before one or more other threads, then a task manager can block those others processing to a standstill with an event manager instead of a stupid yelling "mom, now?" or 2) data corruption if two threads simultanously access same variable content multiple times and thus depend on data the brotherly thread has made changes to in the meantime, a task manager can lock access to data for one thread at a time. So imagine threads like that in the organism.
    Doctors play with that like games, outmatch disease for excitement, rule them doctors out too! They can't even admit the lack of fur as wrong with dick cheeney, harry and so on.

    State is made of conspiracies among anarchists, scrupulous killers, adventurers, gamers ... So how do you create a union jack? Honest and fair. Pablo Escobar started honestly as a hired killer. He was publicly known as just a man. And isn't that true about US soldiers also, hired killers with joysticks? Yes.
    Sunday, October 13, 2019 12:03 PM