Windows 7 states No Internet Access even when I can get out to any site??


  • I just recently installed a fresh version of windows 7 on my machine at work. I can get out to the internet and locally on our network but the icon in the taskbar states that I have no internet access for my domain when indeed I do.. We have a proxy here (Bluecoat) that requires a username and password to get out but seeing that I can get to the internet no problems I shouldnt have this message. I also noticed when I try to synch my blackberry it states that I dont have an internet connection. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    Thursday, November 05, 2009 3:19 PM


  • Hi Denny,

    I would like to share the following information with you.


    Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) is a feature since new Windows Vista.


    It is designed to be responsive to network conditions, so it examines the connectivity of a network in a variety of ways. One test failed, NCSI may report a error, even if the networking actually can be accessed fully.


    For example, NCSI tests connectivity by trying to connect to, a simple Web site that exists only to support the functionality of NCSI. Please try to manually visit the following website, you should see “Microsoft NCSI”.



    For more information about NCSI, you can refer to the following article:


    Appendix K: Network Connectivity Status Indicator and Resulting Internet Communication in Windows Vista


    Sometimes, we can access the file in IE, but the NCSI still fails. It is because the NCSI traffic is not sent via IE but via WinHTTP component and use proxy specially. A proxy server which requires user authentication won't allow it access Internet. Basically, NCSI must perform extra steps in an environment that has proxy servers. Web Proxy Automatic Discovery (WPAD) proxy detection is recommended. If WPAD is not used, configure WinHTTP proxy settings to help NCSI:


    netsh winhttp set proxy command


    For more information:


    TechNet article “Automatic Discovery for Firewall and Web Proxy Clients”


    927551  Windows Vista Support WebCast: Troubleshooting Network Issues on Windows Vista - New Network Diagnostics;EN-US;927551


    937151  You cannot connect to the Internet from a Windows Vista-based computer that uses a local .pac file;EN-US;937151


    Hope it helps.

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