CrossfireX in Windows 7 not possible


  • Hi, i have a question which i hope can be qnswered by the helpful guys here at TechNet.

    I currently own a 3-month old Acer Aspire 6530G which runs on an AMD Turion RM-72 and 2 mobile Radeon cards (3200 and 3470) in a Hybrid CrossfireX setup.

    Upon installing Windows 7, Windows installed drivers for both cards but disabled the 3200 saying that there was a problem with the driver resources.

    I still have the driver DVD from Acer that contains the Vista Catalyst drivers for the mobility Radeons. However, when i insert in the DVD and point Windows to the DVD (it's already expanded), Windows 7 states that the best drivers are already installed.

    Do i really have to run Catalyst.exe and go through ATI's driver installer to get back my CrossfireX function? And more importantly, are there any gurantrees that i can run the Vista version of Catalyst in Windows 7 without any quirks?

    (ATi does not provide downloadable drivers for mobile Radeons because OEMs had asked it NOT to do so. Dumb ATi.)
    Monday, February 16, 2009 1:08 AM


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