Setting Google Chrome as default


  • Does anyone know of a way to set google chrome as the default browser without needing admin privs? It seems you can make firefox and IE default without needing admin privs. To set it as default it wants to auth as an admin and its not in the list for default programs. I'm guessing it is actually setting a reg key when needing to auth as an admin. Has anyone been able to set it as default without needing admin rights? 



    Wednesday, April 07, 2010 5:25 PM





    Actually, the Standard user can install Google Chrome browser. However, when trying to apply “Set as default browser”, the UAC window pops up and it need the admin privilege. Based on my research, I would like to answer you that this is by Google’s design and it cannot be prevented via modifying registry key. As a workaround, you have two choices to set default browser in Standard user.


    1. Turn off UAC in administrator account.

    2. Set the Chrome as default browser in administrator account and then login to Standard user account. You will need not set it again.





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