Driver compatibility issue for Keyspan remote control urm-17a


  • Hi, I have the keyspan usb remote controller model urm-17a for over a year now (it is an usb infrared receiver that receives signal from a small remote control). I honestly do not know what its intended use is, but i customized it to be used with some scripts to make the Windows XP computer more user-friendly. I just got a new laptop that runs windows 7 64bit, and when I try to install the software to use the keyspan remote control on it, the software runs fine but apparently the driver for the usb receiver is not installed properly.The windows 7 laptop cannot recognize it when plugged in, and I think this may have to do with the 32bit vs. 64bit compatibility issue.

    The keyspan model I got was discontinued recently by the manufacturer, and thus, the latest software version that comes with it is only compatible up to windows vista (32 bit only, I assume). the software itself can be found here  (under the Help&Resources tab):

    I am not sure if there is a way to fix it, or do I need to find another remote control. It is a shame because the hardware itself works perfectly. I apologize if what I post is vague- please let me know if further information is needed. I sincerely appreciate your response!

    miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012 2:52