Mobile Device Centre in Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit unable to cannot Motorola MC9090


  • I have installed win 7 ultimate 64 bit and trying to connect Pocket PC Motorola MC9090 to deploy my applications but Mobile Device center is not showing the device connected.

    I have read many forums online and followed steps still unable to connect. I have already tried the below  while device is connected.

    1) Removed the Windows Mobile Remote Adapter under Network Adapters in Device Manager.
    2) uninstalled the Windows "Windows Mobile Device Center" and "Windows Mobile Device Center Driver Update" from control Panel.
    3) Remove the folder C:\windows\WindowsMobile
    4) Reboot the Device, 
    5) Reboot the PC while device is connected.
    6) installed the "Windows Mobile Device Center Driver Update" with drvupdate-amd64.exe.
    7) installed the windows mobile device center.  Update the driver by going to device manager  in Network Adapters Node.
    8) open the Mobile device manager still show device is not connected.
    9) Windows firewall allow connection to Windows Mobile Device Center
    I would appreciate help as this issue is stopping me to move from my XP dev box to Windoes 7 dev box.

    Thanks in Advance


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