Windows Media Player 11 corrupted library


  • I am on Vista Home Premium 64bit on HP Pavilion  Do not have any answers from HP so please treat this as a Microsoft only problem.

    I'm really frustrated and have been trying to fix this without totally ignoring WMP forever.  I hope someone can help me.

    I use Microsoft Fix it Center to fix Windows Media Player 11.

    Problem #1  Library will not reload my music files after MFC found library was corrupted and I attempted to remove all files from my library. Per instructions.  Now the library will not bring the files back.  What is the problem and how can I fix this?

    Problem #2   I can not get anything in the "find Music information" window.  It just is blank and does nothing.

    Problem #3  Skins no longer works.

    Can't totally uninstall WMP11.  Tried to reinstall it from SP2 disk.  Changed nothing.

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