How to tune a network card in Windows 7


  • Hey all,

    All over the internet one can find the steps to improve windows XP/2003 networking. 

    XP/2003 had these steps:

    Open the registry editor and drill down to:


    Add a registry DWORD named TcpWindowSize, and enter a sufficiently large size. 131400 (make sure you click on 'decimal') should be enough. Tcp1323Opts should be set to 3. This enables both rfc1323 scaling and timestamps.

    Next increase the TCP buffer sizes:

    ForwardBufferMemory 80000
    NumForwardPackets 60000


    I heard these are not valid for windows 7 anymore.

    Is that true?

    If they are not valid, what are the new tuning options in Windows 7?

    I assume that Windows 7 comes tuned for 100 Mb.  I would like to tune for 1 Gb.

    martes, 20 de julio de 2010 17:06


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