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  • Hello,

    i try to open Users and Computers on a Windows 7 64Bit Client.
    The Computer belongs to Child Domain.
    The User belongs to the Parent Domain.
    The Account have Domain Admin Rights in the Parent Domain.

    I can start Users and Computers, it opens with the Child Domain.
    When I try to change the Domain to parent i get "Access Denied".
    The User could open the Users and computers without problems on a Windows XP Client oder W2K3 or W2K8 Server.

    I test it with other Admin Accounts.
    It seems the problem exists only with Admin Accounts with Exchangerights.

    I search now for 2 Days to solve the problem.
    I try the Kerberos fix ->
    I try to start ist with "run AS" from cmd --> Error 740

    I search for anything conspicuous between Admin Accounts with and without problems.
    I user AD Explorer from Sysinternals.
    I see different Attributes, but i dont know what could be the cause.

    Could anyone help?


    viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012 7:38

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  • You say that you see different attributes.  What different ones do you see?  That is the first step in solving this particular issue.  If you let us know what they are and the differences between them, then we can more than likely pinpoint what is going on. 
    domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012 5:06