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  • OK,
           Just picked up a Microsoft keboard model # RT9450, used from my office. Where is the number lock for the 10 key number pad? And how would one use it? I've been going crazy looking for the number lock button for days...and I can't find it! Is there a sequence of buttons that I must push to get the number lock on? Or am I just flat blind in not seeing it? The lack of a clearly marked number lock key is my only complaint with this product, the rest of it's functionality works great for me. Help!
    domingo, 2 de marzo de 2008 14:58


  • Ok. All you have to do is:

    Press the "F Lock" button (top right of keyboard). - A green light should come on.

    Press the "Tab" key on the numpad (also labelled "NumPad" on the vertical side of the key.

    You're done!

    PS: The F Lock must be on for functions with F keys to be carried out (eg. ALT+F4). Else, it will use the secondary functions (New, Open, Close, Reply, etc.)

    I hope this helped,

    sábado, 8 de marzo de 2008 23:16

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