Unable to find SMS Task Sequence - Note: Not deploying a custom image

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  • Hi,

    I have a long standing issue which was present in MDT 2010 and is still an issue in MDT 2012. The error message on the client machine is
    Unable to find SMS Task Task Sequencer. The deployment will not proceed.

    The error in LiteTouch.log is
    The file TsmBootstrap.exe could not be found in any standard locations

    This error seems to affect people deploying custom images where remnants of failed deployments still exist in the image such as _SMSTaskSequence or MININT folders. In my case, I am deploying fresh OS installs and have a step in my Task Sequence to do a clean disk using Diskpart for every install.

    From a bit of research I think my problem has to do with the assignment of drive letters or something similar as this error only happens on machines with Card Readers. If I get the error, I only have to disconnect the Card Reader from the motherboard and rerun the deployment and is works fine.

    I am using the Format and Partition Disk step in my Task Sequence to setup a 300MB Active Partition name System and then another partition to fill the disk named Windows. In the Install Operating System step, I am installing to Disk 0 Partition 2. The only odd thing which happens is that I have to manually amend the unnatend.xml file to install to Partition 2 as for some reason it stays on Partition 1. This only needs to be done once and may well have been fixed in MDT 2012 but I haven't had to create any new Task Sequences yet since upgrading from MDT 2010.

    I've read in a few places that the DeployRoot variable from the main Litetouch script may not be being set correctly. I have checked the logs and it is being set to the local disk and there is no Tools folder in the MININT folder where the file TsmBootStrap.exe can be found.

    So having a Card Reader causes the DeployRoot to be set to the C: drive but the Tools folder isn't copied so the deployment fails. That appears to be what is happening but it is by no means certain. Just an assumption based on other posts with similar symptoms.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    jueves, 14 de junio de 2012 9:58

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