W7(64) XP Mode - Some Questions on ODBC and VHD

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  • (1) Is it possible to shrink the Windows XP Mode.vhd virtual disk? - I tried to "Compress contents to save disk space" but that increased the size of the VHD file. I compressed all files and folders except the Windows folder. I also did a defrag that compounded the problem as the size went from 5.9GB to 12GB!

    (2) I have a web app that runs in XP mode using ODBC to an Access database. I want to store the Database on the Primary W7 machine and point the ODBC from XP VM guest to the database on W7. I can see the database from the XP machine. However I cannot find a mapping that will work in ODBC to connect to the W7 Database. Is there some other drive mapping that I can use to make this work?

    (3) Can I run more than one XP guest on W7?


    viernes, 02 de abril de 2010 2:32

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  • It could be that the ODBC you have doesn't work with 64-bit targets. It's not just a matter of being able to install ODBC on a 32-bit system. Once you have done that with XP Mode, it doesn't mean that it can connect to a 64-bit system.
    viernes, 02 de abril de 2010 15:57
  • (1)  I don't believe you can do a compress on a differencing disk which is what XP Mode is -- you've have to merge the differencing disks, then you could do a compress.

    (2)  How do you have the networking set for the VM?  If it's set to NAT, ODBC most likely wouldn't work, you have to set it to the NIC.  Drive mapping and ODBC aren't related at all, so there would be nothing there...

    (3)  Yes, but only one XP Mode VM (the dowloaded version from Microsoft that's part of your Win7 licnese.)  Youd have to create a new VM and install a full copy and you must have it licensed.


    Bob Comer - Microsoft MVP Virtual Machine
    viernes, 02 de abril de 2010 23:33