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  • My Nokia 950 rebooted and now have problems with Outlook which had two tiles on the front screen. The first was my work account the second my private.

    When I go to the apps menu Outlook is greyed and says "Pending".

    If I tap on that greyed entry I get to Outlook and my two mail accounts are still sending/receiving emails and updating and I can access everything as per normal.

    Also if I go to the front screen and tap the greyed down square for my private account, again I go to the normal Outlook screen.

    My work account square I accidentally unpinned and I can't find a way of getting it back.

    I hope that this is a simple thing to fix as although Microsoft have abandoned their Windows mobile clients I still prefer the operating system and the Nokia phone to the Android and IOS offerings.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance - Terry

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