Horizontal Span with Nvidia Graphics Cards.

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  • I know,

    i'm currently not happy with vista not supporting span modes, i guess im just another person who will be going back to XP!

    i've bought 2 monitors and was planning on a 3rd so i could play my games the way i like them (in horizontal span)


    whats the point of vista using a graphics card with two or three monitor outputs if they don't work?




    heres the answer... of course you're going to use a very expensive graphics cards capabilities to surf the web twice on two different screens at once (NOT) whilst using 2 keyboards and 2 mice at the same time (NOT) because at the moment that's all vista's multi monitor capabilities are as far as i can see.


    I don't think microsoft realise how bad this problem is for gamers.





    dimanche 3 août 2008 03:33
  • Paul


    I just performed a cursory search on this subject and came up with the following result.


    Matrox Graphics - Products - Graphics Cards - M-Series - M9140 LP PCIe x16:


    This card will support spanning up to 4 monitors and comes with certified drivers that support this configuration for Windows Vista 32bit and 64bit.


    The question is, If Matrox can build a card that supports spanning multiple monitors in Vista, why can't nVidia or ATI???


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    Ronnie Vernon
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Desktop Experience
    lundi 4 août 2008 04:55
  • Upgrade to the Windows 8 abomination. It adds back horizontal span.
    dimanche 17 juin 2012 07:55