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  • A quick note to warn people who have been using Virtual PC to NOT install Windows Virtual PC until they have verified the following:

    1.  All of your VHD files are not split.   If you have VHD files that were split in the past and you have .VHD, .V01, .V02, etc... you need to fix this before installing Windows Virtual PC or you will get an error about having corrupt VHD files.    To fix this issue you need to run the Virtual Machine Wizard in Virtual PC 2007 and compact the hard disk back into a single file.

    2. In you install Windows Virtual PC over top of Virtual PC you will get an error when you try to start a VPC image.   You must uninstall VPC 2007 first;  they cannot run side by side.     Make sure all of your VHD files are in order and working before you start the Windows Virtual PC installation.

    3.  No x64 guest support.   Yup VMWare is still way ahead in this area.   Microsoft needs to step it up.

    mardi 5 mai 2009 01:47

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  • My company recently issued me a new laptop, and I installed Windows 7 x64 on it.  I went directly from Virtual PC 2007 to Windows Virtual PC, and I just assumed my VHDs would work, never considering that Microsoft would stop supporting split VHDs.  The Windows Virtual PC documentation didn't seem to suggest there'd be any issues.

    So if you were like me, you may have found yourself with split VHDs that don't work anymore.  There IS hope, however!

    Do you need to uninstall Windows Virtual PC, reload VPC 2007, compact the VHDs (to get a new, un-split VHD), uninstall VPC 2007 and reload Windows Virtual PC?  No!

    It's quite easy to fix.  All you need are two things:

    1. Enough disk space to store the VHD plus all the Vxx (i.e. V01, V02, etc.) files.  (You will be able to delete these later.)
    2. Comfort using the command prompt.

    Here's what you need to do.  Let's assume I have three total files to work with, and they're named msawyer.vhd, msawyer.v01 and msawyer.v02.  Since the VHD specification states the files are raw data, with no special headers or footers between them, it is theoretically possible to jam them all together and it should work.  I tried this out today with this exact scenario (VHD + 2 Vxx files).  The VHD and V01 were about 30 GB apiece and the V02 was about 4 GB (my total VHD is 65,535 MB).

    1. Launch an elevated command prompt.  (Elevation is recommended to ensure you're able to write to your destination file.)
    2. Navigate to the directory where the virtual disk files reside.
    3. Run the following command (assuming filenames above):
         copy msawyer.vhd /b + msawyer.v01 /b + msawyer.v02 /b newMsawyer.vhd /b
         NOTE:  The /b argument is doesn't work without the /b after each filename -- forces copy to run in binary mode.
    4. Sit back and wait.  This will probably take awhile.  You can open Windows Explorer to the destination folder to monitor the copy progress.
    5. Test it out in Windows Virtual PC.  Once you're happy it's working, you can delete the source VHD and Vxx files.  Be careful not to delete your new VHD!

    Basically the syntax is copy file1 /b + file2 /b + ... + fileN /b {optional_path}\destination_filename /b

    It's not the prettiest solution but it works!

    jeudi 3 décembre 2009 21:25
  • Thanks a lot for the solution.

    When i copy the split vhd on the new VHD, the WVPC sent me Hard Disk Errors. I only defrag with defraggler and done. 
    No more Errors.

    Thanks Again.

    dimanche 14 février 2010 20:42
  • Thanks so much for posting this information.  It was very helpful.
    lundi 10 octobre 2011 22:31
  •  It was very helpful. Thanks.
    vendredi 24 février 2012 18:11