windows 7 expiration is a problem


  • i thought we had until june to get a copy of windows 7, there was no info about this 2 hour thing when i signed up for the RC.

    i also never recieved any notification about this in my email.

    windows 7 has been great and haven't had any real problems (except search in control panel which kicks off searching the first letter i type)

    anyway, this is potentially a big problem for me because i live in a different country now and need to order one from the US (english version - i'm a US citizen) and a copy of windows 7 might take awhile to arrive here.  need to do my work here and not sure how this 2 hour thing will effect that.

    is there anything that can be done about this?  some kind of extension? 

    2 weeks or a month would be great.  have so many things to do at the moment.


    mardi 16 février 2010 00:40


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  • From the horses mouth so to speak:  Description of Windows 7 Beta and Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) expiration dates and functionality

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    mardi 16 février 2010 00:59
  • i know that stuff already, doesnt help my situation....and i have a feeling you are gonna get a lot of people in similar situations.

    microsoft needs to rethink this strategy. 

    they should have mentioned this schedule during the RC sign up phase and not later to try and trap or mess arround with people who need to work.

    who do we write to to get some action on this?

    mardi 16 février 2010 01:12
  • Microsoft said in what we all agreed to that the beta and RC is not to be used in a production environment. So if you chose to use it as your only system for work that was your choice.  You still have 2hrs at a time to complete you work then just reboot. 
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    mardi 16 février 2010 02:33
  • I too feel somewhat agreived by the 2 stage shutdown that Microsoft have decided to take. The only expiration date specified when downloading the RC was June 1st a deadline I was planning and was prepared for. To be told about this timebomb 2 weeks before it starts is pathetic.

    The June 1st deadline was originally supposed to be your reward for participating in the release candidate program and now we're getting treated like software pirates.

    I've done nothing but sing Windows 7's praises since I got hold of the release candidate and have probably converted quite a few sales for MS from people who were reluctant to upgrade and this is the payoff?

    I seriously think Microsoft need to rethink this one. You gave us a deadline so how about you stick to it???

    mardi 16 février 2010 08:59
  • Sorry folks but the March 1 was always the start of the shutdown, no one slipped anything on any one..some folks may have failed to READ AND UNDERSTAND
    what they agreeded to.
    mardi 16 février 2010 09:22
  • Bullsh*t. The June 1st date was made very, very clear, the March one wasn't. It may well have been in the small print but that isn't clarity.

    I would have gladly bought a full copy of Windows 7 before the June 1st deadline and indeed that is what I had planned but this kind of action is just poor.

    I'll now have to downgrade to vista which requires a clean install. then do another clean install of Win 7 when (or now if) I get that.  Right now i'm lacking the motivation to waste my time with a double rebuild so i can put money in Microsofts pocket.
    mardi 16 février 2010 10:20
  • I would have hoped that since we all tested/ answered all of the questions and helped MSFT bring out a very good OS they should at least offer all of the users using the RC a discounted version saying thanks for helping out...I guess at the end of the day Microsoft doesn't really care about their Beta Testers.
    mardi 16 février 2010 10:38
  • Myself and millions of others saw the March 1 deadline, I got three emails from MS about the RC, all three mentioned the March 1 deadline.

    And I really do not see any logic to think MS should reward us for being beta testers other than the reward which comes when we have to move to windows 7,
    we will have a leg up on those who did not get in on testing.

    I myself have help two software companies get their apps ready for windows 7, should they reward me because I did this??
    NO..I did it for ME, they just get the gravy for free.

    The reason MOST of us are beta testing is so we can roll out windows 7 with as little hassle as we can.

    We KNOW that we are not to use the RC in production, We KNOW it will expire, We know this going in.

    How do we KNOW this, we read the website postings and we read the emails sent to us.

    I would also like to know just how you helped out?? Did you find a bug and offer the solution??
    Did you load up windows 7 on laptop and go around town showing it off and have folks buy it??

    Just what did you do to earn a free copy???

    I am sorry if some of you did not read and understand the TOS agreement or understand what BETA testing is, but it was stated from day one.

    mardi 16 février 2010 11:15
  • yeah, i have to agree with martin.  this wasn't made clear and i was under the impression that things would run like normal until closer to the june 1st date.

    so are you guys going to give us a contact for MS for this issue?

    i can see nothing will happen here about it.

    mardi 16 février 2010 12:20
  • It's strange how foreigners have managed to read those lines in small print allthough they were in US English, but native americans haven't.
    It was made clear by Microsoft that 7 beta and RC were not to be used in production. The dates about shutdown etc etc were made clear as well.
    If you choose to not read the agreement, it's yourown fault; don't blame someone else for it.
    I did the beta testing for myself. I even used it in production, just to make sure the software I was developping was going to work once I could install a RTM version of 7.
    Of course I would like a free copy of 7. Am I going to ask for it? NO WAY, it would be sheer nonsense.


    mardi 16 février 2010 13:09
  • There are also those of use whose situations change in life and are in the slightly more hectic environments of a small business.  The two other people in our little IT solutions business have just had to disappear across the Atlantice from our little island to the UK at short notice, for personal reasons, leaving just myself running the here  for the next 2 or 3 weeks i.e. exactly the time when i need to be moving over.   The machine is dual boot with my old XP build, but there's a whole host of differences and large apps installed by now that I could do without sorting out...

    To add to this, they will still need to work remotely, and their machines are also affected.

    Whilst we understood the beta terms, we have neither the resources or the time to make that rebuild now, as I'm already going to be on 10 hour days for the next few weeks!

    We do have action pack copies of W7 - is there a workaround for this (i'm thinking license keys here ;)  ??
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    mardi 16 février 2010 13:17
  • If the RC was capable of upgrading from Vista, then W7 must be capable of doing an in place upgrade or repair surely??    Or have MS disabled this functionality?

    mardi 16 février 2010 13:18
  • Officially disabled, but possible nonetheless. There are some threads about it in this forum. I wouldn't suggest it though; It's mixing beta code with the final product, and that has never been a good thing to do.
    mardi 16 février 2010 13:29
  • Y'know, I read the agreement and I knew about the Beta / RC expirations way back then, so there's no new info and CERTAINLY no cause to complain!  You've had many months use of Windows for free, and now you're getting notice well in advance of the expiration-based restarts.  Even those won't make it useless.

    I planned ahead, purchased copies of Windows 7, and made a smooth transition to the RTM.  You certainly still have time to do this as well.

    Complaining about your own short-sightedness should be remotely interesting to Microsoft or any of us why?

    You have all the info you need now to set up a great Windows 7 RTM system, this time getting it just right.  Bravo to Microsoft for the approach they have taken here.  It was the smoothest OS transition ever.

    Do a full, clean install.  Go for it.  Get it done.


    mardi 16 février 2010 16:00
  • no one is complaining here, we are looking for solutions to keep our work and life relatively interuption free.

    instead of getting help here though....we just get accused of being complainers.

    this wasn't a smooth transition at all.

    obviously i am not the only one who didn't see / read the fine print.  just the big letters about being able to run till june....which is obviously what they wanted us to see.

    they should have made the end date (in big letters on their download page) when this 2 hour restart thing started....and the rest of the time a bonus thing.

    also two weeks isn't enough time for some people as work / projects come up.  so why not have a month notice?  is that so difficult?

    sorry....not all of us are rich enough to have extra computers simply for testing....and i would hope that microsoft would realize something like that.  i am sure they would like more than a just bunch of tech heads testing thier system anyway.

    some of us bought new computers at the time that windows 7 final was still not available and didnt want to deal with a vista was my case.

    i have no problem with getting / installing a copy....i have a problem with the way this transition was implemented and my situation at the moment.

    today i am spending time trying to sort out which windows is best for me (not simple task either as i am discovering), when i should be doing other work.

    mardi 16 février 2010 16:28
  • complain
    1. To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.
    2. To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge

    the info was in BIG letters no small print and the little watermark down by clock should have warned you something was different.
    mardi 16 février 2010 16:41
  • no one is complaining here, we are looking for solutions to keep our work and life relatively interuption free.

    instead of getting help here though....we just get accused of being complainers.

    this wasn't a smooth transition at all.

    I think you can assume we understand your problem. Having said that, you are complaining.
    You want to know which windows is the best for you. You seem to like support from MS. Go for 7. XP will no longer have any decent support and Vista is ... well Vista.

    mardi 16 février 2010 17:37
  • so now everyone on here who has a problem they are trying to fix is a complainer? product support
    mardi 16 février 2010 18:06
  • Not everyone.
    mardi 16 février 2010 18:13
  • i just pulled up the email that talks about the expiration date



    Thanks again for your help in testing the Windows 7 Beta.

    We’re sending this mail to remind you that Windows 7 Release candidate is available and to make sure you plan ahead for when the Beta expires on August 1, 2009. On June 1, 2009, the PC you’re using to test the Beta will begin shutting down every two hours. Windows will send you a notice a couple of weeks in advance, and that’d be the ideal time to rebuild your test PC with a non-expired version of Windows, such as the RC or Windows Vista. This will be a clean installation, so be ready to reinstall your programs and data. (Learn more about installing Windows.)

    So, if you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend that you download and install the RC from one of the following sites today:

    IMPORTANT: If you are running Windows 7 Beta you’ll need to back up your data (preferably on an external device) and then do a clean install of the Windows 7 Release Candidate. After installing Windows 7, you will need to reinstall applications and restore your files. If you need help with the installation process, please see the Installation Instructions.

    If you have questions or need help installing the RC, you can get help with your Windows 7 questions at

    There’s another expiration date you need to keep in mind: Windows 7 RC will expire on June 1, 2010, and you’ll need to either upgrade to the final release of Windows 7 or a prior version of Windows before then. (We‘ll send you another reminder as this date approaches.)

    Thanks again for your interest in Windows 7 and for your help in finishing this product!


    so we weren't wrong...and we didnt miss anything. 

    if you want i can screen capture the original email and post it up here.

    too bad the original download page isn't up anymore.....but i have this email as proof.

    says nothing about march.

    i have more emails, but this is the only one talking about expiration.

    mardi 16 février 2010 18:21
  • either way I'm still not complaining - I'm asking is there an alternative or workaround for now, as life has thrown it's usual swerve ball down our path.  in  month this wouldn't be an issue.

    And I have to admit, i didn't realise it would be shutting down every 2 hours from March onwards....   effectively making that the end date as being a usable OS.
    mardi 16 février 2010 23:33
  • There is no workaround.  That's already clear.  You are running beta software that you were told would expire, and it WILL expire.  You are being told, weeks in advance, that it will begin restarting next month.  Common sense should have told you not to install the beta version on a mission critical computer. 

    So just buy the released version and install it.

    Put in extra time if doing so on company time doesn't fit into your employer's plans.  That's what hard working people do.

    It's a shame when unforeseen issues block us from executing our plans.  However, the world stops for no man.  That's life.  We learn to think further ahead.

    Two months ago, when Windows 7 had already been released for two full months the expiration resets weren't yet looming large, the RTM was as ready for use as it is today.  Why is there an implication here that the Windows 7 RC has to become unusable before you can move up to the release?  If you want to play with Windows 7 be sure it's going to cost you for a license.

    Microsoft really threw us a bone by letting us run an early copy of Windows 7.  Their doing so was more than we could have hoped for...  It allowed us to test it, get familiar with it, and prepare for the upgrade with plenty of time.

    mercredi 17 février 2010 03:17
  • Hi Noel, got your response in my email.  Seems you deleted the last part in your message above: "Asking for more is just plain tacky."

    These forums have been pretty dissapointing (and surpising since they are Microsoft sanctioned) as for getting help.

    Seems we get called names like "complainers, freeloaders and tacky"

    So I came back to answer my original questions for those who migh be in a similar sitiuation.

    My situation to refresh people's memory:

    this is potentially a big problem for me because i live in a different country now and need to order one from the US (english version - i'm a US citizen) and a copy of windows 7 might take awhile to arrive here.  need to do my work here and not sure how this 2 hour thing will effect that.

    If you have a problem with the RC expiring and are currently living in a foreign country and need an English version call your country specific MS headquarters (they probably have some English speaking reps) about getting an English version, it may be less of a problem than you think.  Surprisingly I was able to order an English version from my local computer dealer and it arrived in one day!  That would have been impossible a couple of years ago here in Poland (I know through experience).  So yes, things have changed.

    You can still expect to pay 30-40% more than they do in US for the same version.  I find this surprising because people here earn a lot less than their counterparts in the US.

    Also you can call MS US sales tech support at 1-800-642-7676 if you need a number in your country or further help.  Some may have a problem with local language websites as in my case.  They also won't call you a complainer or tacky (guess they get paid for that).

    So yeah, there's the real answer to this situation.  Hope it helps someone.

    Take care.

    vendredi 19 février 2010 17:24
  • I guess I'm disappointed on several fronts. 

    I knew going in on the first day with the Beta version that there would be an end date, and prior to that end date there would be periodic shutdowns to enforce the need for upgrade or regression.  Now it might just be me, but I thought this was the PERFECT approach, you could use the system, learn it, adapt your hardware, find out what was required to run your legacy software, and THANKS to the early shutdowns, have AMPLE warning that it was getting pretty close to the wire.  The alternative of course was a perfectly functioning system up until the drop dead date, then bang, no more access.  Perhaps a "limp mode" where you could get your data off past the cutoff date?  That was never advertized per se, so I took it on faith that I would have ample, if irritating, warning of the approaching cutoff.

    Then we were presented the release candidate, well before the expiration of the Beta.  At this time it was expected and encouraged that those Beta testing convert over to the RC.   Now this too made perfect sense (to me) since the RC was "closer" to the eventual RTM code.  It just made sense that people would either upgrade, or abandon the beta/rc programs and revert to their licensed OS.  But what did we have?  Tens of thousands of people who were happy with the way the Beta was running, and didn't want to spend the effort in a fresh reload, they wanted to keep using their Beta since it was working.  Nevermind the purpose for the entire beta/rc program being public in the first place was to get as many people as possible uswing it, and having those people fully informed that no matter how well the system seemed to be running, this was a beta program, not for use on mission critical hardware.  And that really is a key point, mission critical could mean different things to different people, and of course mission critical to some people meant Windows 7 as PART of that mission criticality.  So what SHOULD users have done that NEEDED Windows 7 Beta/RC as part of the very substance of a mission critical use?  Have a backup machine running a stable OS.  Can't afford 2 machines to have adequate coverage?  Well, at some point you'd expect people to decide thet being part of the beta either fit with their "mission" or it didn't.

    Then we had people who complained that the reduced price pre-release upgrade offer wasn't advertized heavily enough, wasn't exclusive to beta testers alone, or that they just plain never heard anything about it.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been on this forum vitually every day since I installed the beta way back in January '09.  I'd check the misc forum for announcements, I'd check the other forums to see if I could help or if I needed help myself (1 issue), and basically was ALL OVER my "commitment" as a beta program participant.  It appears some huge subset took part in the beta/rc as a means of getting a free OS for over a year, and paid no attention to the program itself.  That's OK too, because the telemetry was reporting problems for them, but to pretend to be uniformed is simply not correct.  If you signed up and treated your participation as a priviledge ( "insider knowledge" that could be leveraged and "free for a limited time only") as I did, there is no single way you could complain about not being aware, Microsoft did an excellent job of notification, the communications were always professional, and I'd bet a dollar there was a great deal of consternation regarding how much info would be communicated so as not to saturate nor short-shift the program participants.  In other words, being even slightly engaged would have answered every possible question in a timely fashion with regrad to what was happening when, and under what condiditons those events would take place.

    Now for my second to last issue, again, it might just be me, but when the announcement came out for RC availability (as posted above) I saw, and I remember it well, that there was no specific information about when the RC shutdowns would begin.  Notice I didn't leap to the conclusion that the shutdowns were being removed, I made the immediate assumption they would happen, and MS would let us know with plenty of warning as to when they would.  For my own purposes, I made a quick mental calculation that it might be sometime in March based solely on the beta shutdown to expiration timing.  I did a little bit of research, and sure enough, I was right on the mark.  Once the RTM was announced my plan was to move immediately to Win7, at the earliest possible opportunity.  Why?  Because I wanted the RTM code since that's what my customers would be using, and each and every day a beta/RC machine was in use meant the more stuff I might potentially have to restore, reinstall, etc.  So for those still using the RC after the release, well, I have to say that your's is a pretty rocky territory from which to complain.  Either you are operating on the "free OS" mindset, or you simply didn't understand that your plans following RTM should have changed to RTM at ayour earliest convenience, "free OS" or not, ANY business plan would require you to be using the latest, lest you be behind the curve.

    Last issue:  I take something bordering on offense to the premise that unless you reported bugs, you weren't engaged in the beta as much as "they" were.  Well, we all signed up knowing that the beta and RC releases carried special "telemetry code" the purpose of which was to report critical system information to MS, without having to lift a finger (and expressly without our knowledge or consent).  I know a few people at MS partner companies that said the volume of telemetry data was phenominal, and represented the lion's share of error information.  Sure, people reported bugs as best they could, but in effect, MS already had much more detailed info from the telemetry, and all the error report submissions did was add a face to the data they already had so to speak.  So just because I didn't click the bug tool in the beta, didn't mean MS didn't get good info from my participation. 

    To those who have allowed themselves to become "stuck" and even those who feel they are "being screwed", I say we're almost 4 months past RTM, and if you are serious about making Win7 part of your deployments, your bag of tricks, your resume fodder, please, just get the RTM or revert.  Yes, I know MS said you could keep using it till June.  Yes, I know they said reminder shutdowns would be in force to let you know it was well past time to upgrade or revert, but at some point you have to understand that running the clock out to get every "free" second you are "owed" seems a bit, forgive me, silly.

    RTM or revert.  ASAP.

    vendredi 19 février 2010 19:36
  • If my memory serves me right, all RC versions from 7100 to the latest, unofficial RC builds (7200...) stated, when you typed "winver" at the search bar, "Expiration date: 03/01/2010". So, what's the big surprise now? From there to the final shutdown on 06/01/2010, three months remain to back up the rest of what isn't done yet, to down- or upgrade or to switch to whatever anyone likes.
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  •   It appears some huge subset took part in the beta/rc as a means of getting a free OS for over a year, and paid no attention to the program itself. 
    i don't know why this discussion keeps going this way....but as i explained above somewhere, for me it was getting a new computer, wanting to test 7 to see if i liked it (which i even praised on twitter and with friends) and also the final wasn't released yet....didn't want to deal with vista either as i didnt like it. 

    as far as participating in the testing, i was aware of the telemetry or whatever, but also never had any problems hardware wise or running older software, so really there was no reason to go searching for a forum till now.

    but then to be called all these negative things later, freeloader or whatever like you are saying there....really not classy at all and quite surprising actually.

    MS helped us and we helped them, whether we were aware of it or not.  we should also be respected for that and not accused of things.  it's customers that make a company, not the other way around.

    as far as being informed, i finally did recieve an email from MS informing me about the 2 hour shutdowns about 4 days ago after the pop ups started.  maybe i missed an email somewhere because most of them seemed like spam.  i dont know. but really the original download page should have had this info on it, because in my situation i would have definitly been prepared.
    samedi 20 février 2010 00:22
  • i don't know why this discussion keeps going this way

    Therein lies the problem.

    Consider that - clearly - from the perspective of other people here (and I for one am not Microsoft) who took the time to understand the public beta program and who benefited from what Microsoft has done here, your complaint is irritating.  Though I thought better of leaving my opinion online before, I feel such a complaint is tacky because honestly I'd hate to see a good thing ruined; I sincerely hope Microsoft does this public beta thing again with the next version.

    Some Marketing person might look at your post/thread and report back, "Hey, there was backlash - we shouldn't do that again."

    Just be thankful you didn't have to wait until the shrink wrapped boxes hit the shelves to try out that new OS on that new computer.  That's what everyone has had to do for every other release.

    Best of luck with your RTM installation.  If you have any actual problems, post them on this forum and if I see them I'll be more than happy to help out.

    samedi 20 février 2010 02:21
  • Bullsh*t. The June 1st date was made very, very clear, the March one wasn't. It may well have been in the small print but that isn't clarity.

    I would have gladly bought a full copy of Windows 7 before the June 1st deadline and indeed that is what I had planned but this kind of action is just poor.

    I'll now have to downgrade to vista which requires a clean install. then do another clean install of Win 7 when (or now if) I get that.  Right now i'm lacking the motivation to waste my time with a double rebuild so i can put money in Microsofts pocket.

    In reverse order:

    You don't have to re-install Vista, if you have a copy of Win7 to install. An upgrade license of Win7 will install over the RC (clean install) without difficulty. That's at odds with some official statements from Microsoft, but it is true.

    I looked back through the emails I received from Microsoft. I see no mention of the March 1 date in any of them, prior to the recent warning. The March 1 thing has been widely known since the RC became available, but I suppose that Microsoft could have been more explicit with the downloaders who weren't IT professionals or hobbyists. The time bomb has been in the RC since it was released; it wasn't modified later.
    samedi 20 février 2010 03:22
  • as far as being informed, i finally did recieve an email from MS informing me about the 2 hour shutdowns about 4 days ago after the pop ups started.  maybe i missed an email somewhere because most of them seemed like spam.  i dont know. but really the original download page should have had this info on it, because in my situation i would have definitly been prepared.
    Hi Dman

    This isn't meant to be rude.

    I haven't had the RC installed for quiet awhile, but I am sure I thought that the March 1 date was on the system somewhere.

    Could you go to Start and type  winver  in the Search box. In the results, click  winver.exe and you should see the build number and other information ofor the system.

    What do you see there for Build number and any dates?


    Thank You for using Windows 7

    Ronnie Vernon MVP

    samedi 20 février 2010 05:11
  • Here is visual proof from another site:

    Side by side: UI changes from Windows 7 beta to Windows 7 RC

    (source: ars technica)
    "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” (Thomas J. Watson, Sr.)
    samedi 20 février 2010 11:37
  • Dear Ronnie,

    I accept that we will need to activate win7 with a full version. Don't forget however that it was us "guinea pigs" that helped MS develop Win7 to it's present glory, especially after that disaster of a preliminary Win Vista (that came out due to the delay of Win 7).

    So here's my question and problem - I have the Win7 RC installed on my Desktop and also on my laptop. Do I need to buy a full copy of Ultimate for each machine that I have or can I buy one copy and install on both? If the former then that would mean quite a substantial cost (not to mention my girlfriends computer who needs Win7 as well)?...And this in the light of so many new OSs coming out soon that are free such as the impending Google OS.

    Can I have one copy for my private computers?



    samedi 20 février 2010 15:03
  • I'm not Ronnie Vernon, but:

    Sorry, no. One license per PC.

    That has been true forever, for anyone who wished to stick to the end user license. For XP and later, Product Activation added enforcement of that. It was supposed to end what Microsoft called "casual piracy".

    You can still install Win7 on as many PCs as you like, but you may only activate it on one.

    (There was a sort of exception - the Family Pack allowed activation on as many as 3 PCs. It was a special license for Win7 Home Premium Upgrade, for $150 in the US. I believe that it is currently unavailable.)

    You'll need to re-install Win7; you can't us an RTM key to extend the RC. It turns out that the RTM upgrade version can do a clean install over the RC, although you're supposed to own an older version of Windows (XP or Vista) to qualify for the upgrade.

    Do you need Ultimate? It's not exactly a bargain, and Microsoft doesn't appear to be aggressively marketing it. Unless you need Bitlocker or multi-language support, the Professional version includes most of the its features. (I think most home users could live with Home Premium, as unsexy as it sounds.)

    If switching to a free OS appeals to you, and you don't have a large investment in software that you'll have to discard, why not go for it?

    (I have no connection with Microsoft, other than as a customer.)
    samedi 20 février 2010 17:41
  • Hey, much appreciated for the advice Bob. I guess you're right that Home Premium 7 does the job as well. 

    I'll have to purchase a copy for my desktop, one for my laptop and also for my mum's PC as they all have the Win7 RC running and we would prefer not to have to roll-back to the awful old WinXP cd that is dusting away somewhere in the bookshelf (e.g. "No-way-back syndrome"...;-)

    I can't however help the feeling that MS could be a bit more forthcoming to all those that tested the beta prototype for them and provided them all that valuable data to allow for a much faster and smoother go-live of Win7. They do seem to be riding high on a wave of opportunity as there aren't really that many alternatives to Windows and MS know it. 

    By allowing us to use a copy of Win on all our private PCs (but not for commercial use) they are ultimately allowing us to use more MS products and so we buy more of them and they make more profit that way. 

    But their rather hostile policy has really led to "casual piracy" and an increased unwillingness to buy products from an inherently monopolizing company.

    Well we just gotta get on with it ey..


    samedi 20 février 2010 20:38
  • Hi Ronnie

    Thanks for getting back to me.  I was a little busy recently, took a little longer to get back here.

    I see that you are an MVP and assume that you are more of a MS representative than perhaps others on here.

    I checked what you asked me to and I have:

    Version 6.1 - build 7100

    and yes...there is an expiration of 3/2/2010  (which i find a bit odd since the June one is the one everyone was hearing and knew about)

    Great to know the info is there.  However i never used and never knew about winver.exe.  I am used to checking my windows version by using "control panel > system" and in there, there is no mention about expiration dates at all.

    I saw a few days ago that Outlook 2010 has a beta version program, so I thought I would check it out.  There is no mention at all on there after clicking through many pages about an expiration date.  I am sure it probably has one....somewhere.  But to tell us that expiration dates (or how they will affect you even before the expiration date) are being prominantly posted by MS seems to be not quite true.  By looking at the Outlook 2010 beta program download pages you wouldn't think it has any expiration.  So it seems like MS is more concerned that you download it and try (or test) rather than letting you know how it will effect you come expiration time.  Personally I am afraid to try Outlook 2010 beta now (since this experience with Windows 7) as I don't know what kind of situation it may present to me later.

    Couple other things (beside my situation above) I would like to have passed on to the MS decision makers.

    And for those who look too quickly at things and think this is simply a complaint (or that we are freeloaders), it isn't, it's someone giving feedback from their experience.

    1) This new computer I bought (before Win 7 final), I had two hard drives installed because I wanted to make it a dual boot system (which BTW I could with the RC version, so no hint there that I wouldn't be able to with the final release).  Reason being that I also use my computer for music production as well as for my other work and everyday use.  My experience in the past  with MS OS's has been that the more full the system got with programs etc. (and especially with every company updating their software under the assumption that you are using a new computer), the more it slowed down eventually to the point that working with music became near impossible (the importance of timing, ASIO, CPU overload should be pretty obvious I think to even non musicians).  I was hoping to address this issue by having the dual boot setup.  Now I don't claim to be a professional musician (though some pretty good ideas come out of my sequencer), so there isn't a real reason to buy a completely dedicated system.  It would be too costly in my case, and i am sure for many others as well.  This segment of semi pro or intensive users, whether it be gamers, graphic artists, musicians would certainly appreciate being able to dual boot.

    But couldn't MS make Windows 7 (or I guess the next release if it's too late to change it at this point) CPU ID licensed instead of hard drive licenced?  If this were the case, this wouldn't be an issue for us.  To buy another license just for the want / need to run a few programs in a dedicated way without trouble on a seperate HD seems a bit overkill on MS's side.  Even Google is using CPU ID based I am sure it's not that difficult.

    2) I agree with others on here that MS could make their Win 7 release better if people could update their desktop and thier laptop instead of having to purchase twice.  Here in Poland especially as it's quite expensive.  A full non OEM version costs about half of an average monthly wage here  and an OEM version about 1/4th (and yes, they are in the EU now and doing better than the rest of the EU with GDP etc., nice country with great potential BTW).  For people paying rent here this is near impossible and they will look for other solutions.  Luckily this isn't my case and I can afford it a little better than the vast majority here.  But still, one copy with 2 or 3 licenses (CPU ID being the way to go) is a great idea!  There was a program like this (Home Version - Family Pack), but it ended way too early.  A  Win 7 Pro version of this same 3 license program would be the best as being able to run XP programs is a great help to those who may be more cash strapped (this is input that i know others will be thinking and talking about around here, lived here long enough to know).  Hope this can be improved upon.

    Thanks for listening and hope my input helps to improve what MS does.

    I will soon be busy clean fun.  ;-)

    But look forward to your reply.

    dimanche 21 février 2010 14:29
  • Noel, relax a little.

    Look at things more objectively.

    I don't think a few people voicing their troubles about an RC release's expiration is going to ruin the future of their RC program.

    MS benefits way too much from user input and their telemetry to give up on it that easily.

    And yes, I am thankful I got to try before I's a concept that works well for companies and customers.

    Thanks for the help offer, appreciate it.
    • Modifié dman808 dimanche 21 février 2010 17:34
    dimanche 21 février 2010 15:06
  • As you asked for an Office 2010 BETA expiration date: This software will cease to work after 10/31/2010, without previous notification (from the EULA). I aggree, it's hard to impossible to find that information on the download pages; even the link to the "release notes" at doesn't lead to the requested text. But I remember that information was there when I downloaded the Beta in Nov, 2009. It can well be that the sites are restructured in expectation of the official release which may be in June or even earlier.
    Edit: I found expiration info here - - but admit that you won't find it so easily if you don't know where to search. 
    "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” (Thomas J. Watson, Sr.)
    dimanche 21 février 2010 17:11
  • Thanks for looking and confirming San.

    As I said, I don't think users can be blamed so easily for not being clear on what was happening with the RC expiration.

    I am pretty good at catching stuff like that and would have planned better.
    dimanche 21 février 2010 18:32
  • Did Ronnie ever get my message above?

    It would be nice to know he or or one of the MVP's did....I put some time and thoughts into hopefully MS making better / smoother releases in the future.

    Be nice to know someone read it and that it helps.....kinda motivates you more to help more in the future.

    Or should we just not care about it?  Is someone listening?

    Is there a direct email so I can forward it to him?  Couldn't find one.
    jeudi 25 février 2010 10:44
  • Hi dman808,
    Don't worry, Ronnie read your message. He's very busy replying in other threads.
    As far as the "Is someone listening?" question is concerned; Yes, Microsoft is listening. Your questions/remarks/observations are not entirely new. The same observations were made in the earlier stages of the beta program. Sometimes people need to know that their input is valued. I'm not paid by Microsoft, and am just an ordinary user, but I can assure you that most of the user/tester input is valued and appreciated and has lead to improvements. My guess is that further improvements will show up in the SP1.
    But no, you will not get a personal email from Microsoft, nor will you get a free copy of Windows 7.
    And no, you will not find a direct email for any of the moderators around. Can you imagine the load of email they would get?


    jeudi 25 février 2010 11:00
  • Thanks for letting me know Rem...

    Would be nice to have a "read and noted" reply from an MVP though.  Only takes a sec and can make a person feel good about helping.

    Ok....i trust you and feel a little less like i wasted my time.  :-)

    I am not looking for a free copy of Win 7 BTW....never asked this entire thread (some others might have)....just asked for the ability to dual boot and that their pricing should be better in countries like Poland (speaking for many others that live here)......and of course the original issue of making users more aware (in like huge letters on the download page) of expiration dates (even the two hour restart ones) and how they will affect them.  Oh yeah...and that the family pack thing for pro version would be a great idea!  (people who have laptop and desktop for example).

    But i guess you guys got all that from above....that's the cliff notes version.  heheh

    Cool beans then  :-)

    Finished some other projects early luckily.....reinstalling today....64 bit.....just sorting out my backups etc. now.

    Back to work....

    jeudi 25 février 2010 11:25
  • No because it is a fixed trial. Try to back up your data or save every 2 hours.
    lundi 5 juillet 2010 17:55