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  • Hello,

    I have looked through the forums trying to find a resolution to the issue I have.

    We have 4 drives mapped using group policy preferences. One of these is filtered to a user group, the others have no filtering.

    One of these drives are the users home drive. This drive is available offline & has redirection set. The other 3 drives file servers have offline availability off.

    When logged in to the domain all 4 drive are available.

    If I put the laptop into sleep the drives are available when offline, but with a x through it until I connect via vpn.

    If the laptop is shut down & user logs in only the home drive is available, the other 3 drives are not even there with a x through them.

    As we are trying to move away from a vb script that maps the drives on XP (where the drives were always listed), the users do not know what they should be having mapped. Users just say they no longer have P or R drives.

    I do not want to be setting the drives to make files available offline, this is the majority of the recommendations on other forums.



    vendredi 9 septembre 2016 20:59