HP laserjet 2840 drivers Windows 7 Enterprise


  • We have a networked (meaning the printer is managed by our print server in Windows domain environment.) We have installed Windows 7 on a client. When we try to add the network printer from the "add printer" dialog box by putting in the path "\\printserver\printer
    It states "no driver found..." I went to HP's site and it clearly says that drivers for this on Windows 7 is provided by Windows update.  The dialog then lets you progress to look for a driver - it never tries to find one on Windows update, nor can I figure out how to download that driver from windows update. Yes I imagine this would work for a directly attached printer, or one you are connecting to directly via an IP, but not this way. How do I get my hands on that driver?
    mardi 29 mai 2012 20:45


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