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    I have designed a MEDV solution for my client because couple of their applications are  incompatible with Windows 7. Their current infrastructure is consist of SCCM 2007. So I was able to deploy the MED V workspace using their SCCM. Now I have couple of more applications which need to be install in to the MED V workspace.

    Could anybody please explain me how do I do deploy applications in to a existing MED V workspace via SCCM? Does SCCM capable of doing this?   

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  • I’m not an SCCM expert and we are using Altiris as our software delivery tool of choice, however it should be the same as what we have done.

    You will need to ensure that the nic of the virtual machine is configured to use the internal nic of the host, it will be called the manufacturer and model, ours are intel so "intel 82579". Note: the default is NAT when you create the Workspace.

    Once this is done and if DHCP is running on your network a routable IP address will be assigned to your XP guest. You can then manage the virtual machine as you would any other client on your network.

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    Since this problem is a SCCM related issue, and our forum mainly focus on Windows 7. Please post your question to Microsoft SCCM forum:

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