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  • Hello.

    I seem to have a big problem with my Server 2012 Essentials setup.

    I have set up a domain name for Access Anywhere, set up the service properly and all the things. I can access it without a problem, see shared folders and files. Upload or download files. But above all, I can't create ANY folders using the interface.

    When I try to create a folder from a standard user account it comes up with an error telling me to contact the person who manages my server. It works ok from an administrator account.

    Yes, before you ask, the standard account has read/write permissions for the shared folder configured via the server dashboard.

    Any ideas?

    Pardon, nu am observat ca formul este in romana. Puteti raspunde si in romana, va multumesc!
    • נערך על-ידי EduardComanici יום שני 20 מאי 2013 09:53
    יום שני 20 מאי 2013 09:50


  • Salut Eduard,

    Interesanta chestia asta cu Anywhere access. Nu am avut ocazia sa testez asa ceva. Daca nu s-a schimbat foarte mult sistemul de permisiuni in 2012 atunci probabil trebuie sa setezi si 'share permisions' si 'security permissions' asa ca cerifica permisiunile din nou pe folder nu doar din interfata web (nu am vazut niciodata cum arata, ma gandesc ca poate se seteaza si de acolo)

    Sper sa rezolvi problema daca nu ai rezolvat-o deja!


    • סומן כתשובה על-ידי Denis Chiurtu יום חמישי 20 יוני 2013 08:13
    יום שישי 31 מאי 2013 19:03