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  • I have a Dell XPS M1730 with two disks.

    When I boot from the setup dvd Windows will show me the disks in the wrong order (the second disk will be shown as the first).

    I can then load the driver for the Intel ICH8M AHCI controller from the USB stick - after the driver is loaded setup will now show the disks in the correct order.

    When I continue with the setup it works until it reboots - then it can't boot because it didn't create the BCD on the correct drive (I did find the BCD on the second disk in the \boot directory).

    How/where can I report this bug?

    Is there a workaround? (I tried the repair option and manually fixing it from the command line but it always writes the BCD to the second disk)
    יום רביעי 20 מאי 2009 20:23


  • Can you just disconnect the other disk and install it from there?
    No, it's a notebook.

    I found a workaround: I had to boot from the second disk, only then would Windows let me write the BCD to the correct disk with "bcdboot".
    • סומן כתשובה על-ידי dwoltersEditor יום שני 25 מאי 2009 19:03
    יום ראשון 24 מאי 2009 08:05

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