Windows XP Mode apllication installation


  • I am trying to install a application in windows Xp Mode which requires a pre-requisities such as DOTnet and Oracle so i already installed on windows 7 and installed application in windows XP mode and the application is not working when i install those pre-requisities in windows 7, if i install those pre-requisities in windows xp the application is working. so is there any way that application can work if only i install pre-requisitis in windows 7.
    יום שלישי 12 יוני 2012 18:19


  • No. XP Mode is a completely separate OS installation.  The prerequisities must be on XP.  You essentially have 2 separate computers, the host, Windows 7, and the virtual machine, XP Mode.
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    יום שלישי 12 יוני 2012 20:24